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      A researcher
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 Effat College of Engineering offers two Undergraduate programs; Computer Science that were developed in collaboration with Tokai University and Electrical and Computer Engineering that were developed in collaboration with Duke University. In Fall 2017, Effat College of Engineering has launched a Master’s of science degree in Energy Engineering MSc EE. This program comprises of two main tracks; renewable energy engineering and petroleum engineering. All undergraduate programs are accredited nationally by the education evaluation commission EEC-HES and internationally by the accreditation board for engineering and technology ABET. This is to ensure confidence in our technical e​ducation and highest quality of teaching standards for our students. The programs which are taught in English, follow the American style in education and delivery based on the liberal Arts educational philosophy.  All students are required to undertake general education to enlarge their scope of knowledge and then specialize in the major that they have chosen for their future career. To prepare the graduates for their fut​ure careers as well as develop their research abilities, they have to undergo an internship and produce a piece of research before they graduate.  ​


To be recognized as a national leader in providing quality engineering education centered on innovative re​search and transfer of knowledge and technology for the benefit of society.


Effat College of Engineering will continue to lead the education of women in engineering in a multidisciplinary and research driven environment, and equip them with comprehensive technical and analytical skills necessary for effectively contributing to national and international development and technological advancement.


  1. Enhance Effat University’s national and international presence through excellence in engineering education, innovative research and technology transfer, and partnerships with both community and industry in alignment with the Saudi vision 2030.

  2. Provide a work environment conducive for effective learning and sustainable growth of students and faculty, which is achieved through good governance, transparency and strong work ethics. In addition, maintaining and expanding national and international program accreditations and benchmarking while adhering to the highest standards of quality in processes and procedures.

  3. Provide students with an exceptional engineering educational experience characterized by innovative program delivery, interactive learning, project-based learning, development of critical and analytical skills, and progressive research opportunities. Moreover, expand and optimize the use of cutting edge educational resources and effectively integrating technology in the engineering curricula.

  4. Attract and retain diverse student body by ensuring a holistic learning and lifetime experience, extensive skill and talent development, and ongoing individual support.

  5. Recruit and retain diverse, highly qualified and motivated faculty, researchers, technicians and staff, supporting their professional development.

  6. Manage and sustain the state of art facilities, promoting a safe and healthy environment, and complying with national and international accreditation and regulatory bodies. Moreover, enhance overall financial strength of Effat college of Engineering through effective budgeting, external research funding, training and consultancies.

  7. Cultivate research environment for the Faculty graduate and under graduate students to produce quality research. Sustain strategic research partnerships, collaborations and relations with national and international research institutions.

  8. Enhance the partnership with the community and industry through mutual exchanges of expertise, novel contributions to the 2030 vision, and effectively engaging students, faculty and alumnae in the service of society.

Effat College of Engineering Newsletter


    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Akila 122137900Assistant Professor & Dean of College of Engineering
    Dr. Amani 122137501Assistant Professor & Dean of DAR & Acting Dean for DSA
    Dr. Aziza 122137899Professor & Researcher
    Dr. Zain 122137893Assistant Professor & Chair of CS Dept
    Dr. Omar 122137866Associate Professor, Director of Natural Science, Math and Tech
    Dr. Saeed 122137849Associate Professor & Researcher
    Dr. Mohamed 122137881Professor & Researcher
    Dr. Enfal 122137867Assistant Professor, Chair of the ECE Department & MSEE Program
    Dr. Tayeb 122137865Associate Professor
    Dr. Mohammed 122137854Assistant Professor & Researcher
    Dr. Nema 122137871Assistant Professor
    Dr. Helene 122137868Assistant Professor
    Dr. Kholoud 122137890Assistant Professor
    Ms. Futoon E. 122137850Assistant Lab Engineer
    Ms. Reham Adnan 122137852Assistant, Effat College of Engineering