Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Effat College of Humanities

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  1. Track the progress of the achievements of Effat College of Humanities'  mission and vision and actively contribute to the fulfilment of the nation's 2030 vision.
  2. Provide a positive and productive work environment in Effat College of Humanities through efficient and transparent leadership; and maintain national accreditation and obtain international accreditation
  3. Uphold academic excellence by providing innovative Liberal Arts education through state of-the-art learning resources and services; and work towards implementing further distinctive programs that meet the market needs.
  4. Attract high quality students and graduate distinguished specialists, effective leaders and  true  representatives of Queen Effat's Legacy who will be agents of change and social and economic well-being.
  5. Recruit and retain diverse and research-oriented faculty and continuously develop their professional skills.
  6. Provide information technology, state-of–the-art labs and other facilities through sufficient budgeting, optimizing their use.
  7. Cultivate a vibrant research environment to increase the Effat College of Humanities' faculty and students' scholarly output and activities and serve the needs of the local and global communities.
  8. Strengthen the Effat College of Humanities' relations and interactions with the national and international community through fruitful joint endeavors.​

Effat College of Humanities Strategic Plan (2022-2027): 


    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Linda F. 122137791Assistant Professor,ECoH Dean&Acting Chair of ET&Director of MTI
    Dr. Tabassum 122137785Associate Professor & Chair of Psychology Department
    Dr. Rizwana 122137808Assistant Professor & Chair of Psychology Department
    Dr. Khadija 122137949Assistant Professor & Chair of General Education Program
    Dr. Eman 122137566Assistant Professor & Dean of of Quality Assurance
    Dr. Reem A. 122137501Assistant Professor & Dean of Admission and Registration
    Dr. Omar M. 122137793Assistant Professor & Chair of DMC
    Dr. Ali 122137955Associate Professor
    Dr. Pakenam 122137526Assistant Professor & Director of Student Affairs
    Dr. Mohammed 122137953Associate Professor
    Dr. Mohammad 122137956Assistant Professor
    Dr. Kathleen 122137792Assistant Professor
    Dr. Sena 122137997Assistant Professor
    Dr. Nisma A. 122137806Assistant Professor
    Dr. Wizra 122137807Assistant Professor
    Ms. Lisa Zuppé 122137799Lecturer & Executive Director of International Affairs
    Dr. Ayman S. 122137680Director of Effat Library & Cultural Museum
    Ms. Friederike 122137951German Instructor
    Dr. Hawazen H. 122137555Coordinator of Effat English Academy& Assistant Manager of PACCE
    Ms. Abeer 122137801Effat College of Humanities Coordinator
    Ms. Lojain M. 122137803Assistant