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Man and Place: Creative Transformations

​​The 1st International Architecture and Design Conference, 2023

(Previously: Memaryat Conference)

Man and Place: Creative Transformations

عن الإنسان والمكان: التحول الإبداعي​

8-9th​ February 2023
17-18th​​ Ragab,​ 1444 H​

Effat University, Jeddah, KSA​​


Places are the face of the future. They represent the attraction pole for humanity, for communities hoping for a better life. They are catalysts for economic development and incubators for new ideas and innovation. However, with the increasing urbanization, they can also be castigated as centers of disease, social unrest, and insecurity if they fail to build communities and address needs within a sustainable creative framework. This requires more about innovative transformations.

This conference seeks to address the critical manifestation of “Man and Place” to accommodate and embrace social, economic, and environmental needs within a balanced, integrated system.

The 1st ARCH and DESN International Conference provides a platform for diverse contributions from academics and practitioners to present their different perspectives through research, seminars, workshops, and roundtables. The conference will bring together decision-makers, architects, interior designers, product designers,  urban planners, urban designers, entrepreneurs, educators, agencies, and top keynote speakers to stimulate discussion covering the latest on the challenges and opportunities for better future cities in the different domains of architecture, building science and technology, environmental design, mobility & infrastructure, urban design & landscape, housing & real estate developments, urban planning, governance, socio-cultural & economic development, community engagement, tourism and heritage revitalization.​

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