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1st Islamic Finance Conference 2014: Islamic Behavioural Finance

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​The First International Conference On Islamic Behavioural Finance

Dates: 18-19 November 2014

Venue: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Over the past few decades, the behavioural finance theory has largely contributed to the understanding of various financial phenomena that were still puzzling under the standard finance principles. These theoretical principles were further developed and empirically tested resulting in a more sound conventional finance theory. Thus, the behavioural aspect imposed itself as an indispensable component of the finance theory. The same principle applies to the recently emerging Islamic financial system. In this context, though there have been tremendous studies on Islamic finance and Islamic investment, there are very few studies that have addressed specific topics within the behavioural finance framework. 

Moreover, it is needless to say that currently, majority of the issues faced by Islamic finance and its future is highly related to the behaviour of investors as well as the other market players. Furthermore, the financial theory has long demonstrated that the investment patterns always have long run impacts on the market movements. In this regards, behavioural finance offers a comprehensive set of tools to identify these investment patterns and their possible influence on the overall development of Islamic finance. 

In line with the above progress, and to contribute to the development of Islamic behavioural finance, the current conference is organised by Effat University, which marks the inspiration of the University to become a regional leader in Islamic Finance education and research. The conference will benefit the participants in the sense that it will offer a better understanding of behavioural Islamic finance and the outstanding issues marking the current practice of Islamic finance industry. The conference is also a great opportunity for international networking, particularly with the expected international attendance from various Islamic finance institutions. Furthermore, the conference will expose the participants to the international community of Islamic finance experts.

Conference Themes

 The main topics of the conference include, but not limited to:
  • Behavioural finance theory from an Islamic perspective
  • Investors behaviour during Muslim festivities
  • Conservatism bias in dual banking systems
  • Overconfidence effect in the Islamic investments
  • Overreaction/under-reaction and availability bias in Islamic investment
  • Disappointment aversion in Islamic finance investment
  • Herding behaviour in Islamic banking and finance
  • Islamic banking and finance awareness and the self-deception behaviour
  • Confirmation bias in Islamic finance investment
  • Culture diversity and Islamic finance investment
  • Islamic banking and finance and the uncertainty issues
  • Islamic securities window dressing
  • Current issues in Islamic banking and finance