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Call for Papers

​​​The 21th International Learning and Technology Conference
(L&T 2024)


“Reality and Science Fiction​ in Education”​

15th of January​ 2024

3th of​ Rajab, 1445 H​

Effat University, Jeddah, KSA

Main tracks:​

Track #1:  Science Fiction and the Future of Industry:

Topics in this track could include -but not limited to:

  • Advanced Production Techniques
  • Computer Human Communication
  • Innovative use of Industrial Robotics
  • Digital Converters and Smart Sensor Networks
  • Modeling, Simulation, Control, and Optimization
  • Smart Cities and Green Buildings Inspired by Science Fiction
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Unmanned & Intelligent System
  • Wearable Technology in Industry
  • Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development​

Track #2:  Ethics, Security, and Privacy in Innovative Technologies:

Topics in this track could include:

  • Application Security & DevSecOps
  • Blockchain & Applied Crypto
  • Cloud Security & Virtualization
  • Emerging Threats and Vulnerabilities in Modern Technology
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Mobile & IoT Security
  • Policy & Government
  • Privacy
  • Protecting Data & the Supply Chain Ecosystem
  • Security in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems
  • Ethical Considerations in Cybersecurity and Privacy​

Track #3: Science Fiction and the Future of Learning:

Topics in this track could include:

  • Adaptive Learning Environments and Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • Blockchain in Education
  • Integration of Laboratory and Classroom
  • Gamification in Virtual Learning Environments
  • Smart Classroom: use science fiction scenarios for inspiration
  • Innovative Approaches for Learner Engagement
  • VR, AR, MR in the Future of Learning
  • STEM Education and Maker Spaces
  • Voice Interfaces and Conversational Agents in Education.​

Track #4: Science Fiction, Culture, and Society: 

Topics in this track could include:

  • Science Fiction Inspiring Scientific Discoveries and Technological Advancements
  • The Intersection of Science Fiction and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK
  • Science Fiction as a Tool for Addressing Societal Issues
  • Imagined Futures and their Real-World Implications
  • The Impact of Science Fiction on Public Policy, Legislation, Laws and Regulations, and Practice.
  • Diversity and Representation in Science Fiction
  • Ethics and Morality in Science Fiction
  • The Role of Science Fiction in Shaping Popular Culture and Media
  • Science Fiction and Environmentalism
  • "Science Fiction and the Anthropocene"

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore's scope and quality requirements.​

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