Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

Welcome Letter


“Be creative, and we will support you, so that you can show the world what Saudi women can achieve.”

Princess Lolowah Al Faisal

Vice President of board of trustees and general supervisor of Effat University


“we started to work in this field six years ago, and we were keen to exert our efforts in order to produce an end-product of the highest quality and precision, in an attempt to achieve entrepreneurship in both teaching and learning in the film industry in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Praise be to Allah, these efforts started to bear fruit and follow the kingdom’s current direction and vision. In light of our achievements, we received our society’s positive responses to this Saudi film industry. These responses have been not only at the local level but also at both regional and international levels.

From the outset, our main objective was to interact with society. Sound and picture were the two most powerful and effective tools to create that interaction. With the recent opening of movie theatres and the expansion of entertainment industry, our responsibility has now become bigger.”

Dr.Haifa Jamal Al-Lail

President of Effat University