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    Effat University Launches "Industropedia Academy"

    01 November 2020
    Media Center
    Under the generous patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Lulwa Al-Faisal, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees and General Supervisor of Effat University, Effat University launched "Industropedia Academy" platform in October 2020 to improve the partnership with the private sector and contribute to innovation and productivity.

    The platform aims to coordinate and integrate between Effat University and the private sector to achieve Kingdom’s Vision 2030, to strengthen the relations between the two parties in various scientific and practical fields, to benefit from mutual experiences, studies and research to improve institutional professional work and entrepreneurship, and to provide distinctive programs and outputs that keep pace with modern developments and meet the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market.

    The launch of the platform comes within the framework of the country’s vision and direction to achieve the goals of Kingdom's Vision 2030, through a partnership approach between all relevant agencies and parties in the public and private sectors.

    The platform represents a general framework for bilateral cooperation between the university and the private sector, through which a series of weekly virtual lectures will be organized and hosted in addition to holding workshops, forums and seminars, in which the leaders and figures of the industry and business sector from the Saudi, regional and global community participate, in order to meet the needs of the private sector and contribute to the promotion of teamwork.

    The platform will serve as a window to review many topics, most notably the (COVID-19) pandemic and its repercussions on companies, and the impact of precautionary measures and preventive measures taken by the competent authorities to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, on their financial performance and operational activity.

    The platform seeks to develop capabilities and means to strengthen and manage industry and business partnerships within Effat University in cooperation with the Saudi industry and business sector.

    The idea of ​​the platform dates back to October of the year 2020, when a brainstorming session of the Effat University Advisory Council resulted in its launch, which is an initiative for partnership between the university and the industry, finance and business sectors in cooperation between the university and the industrial and commercial sectors in the Kingdom and the world.
    Dr. Haifa Reda Jamal Al-Lail, President of Effat University, explained that “The vital role of the private sector contributes to achieving quality and enabling Effat University to complete its pivotal role in building a generation armed with knowledge and able to contribute to advancing development, as the university adopts an approach of transparency and effective partnership with various components. The community in the public and private sector, as well as policy makers in various fields and all segments of society, as this has a great role in enriching the fruitful educational movement and framing the relationship between the university and its partners to ensure the activation of inter-communication channels to benefit from the proposals in strengthening our educational system”.

    Dr. Haifa added: “The platform provides a new digital space with innovative options to advance the development of the education process by expanding the base of community and institutional partnership to provide the education sector with more constructive ideas and opinions in a way that achieves the country's priorities and strategic directions”.