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Dr. Saddiga Al- Ghalib

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  • Research Interests:

Dr Saddiga Jaber AlGhalib is an Assistant professor in the Psychology Department at Effat University and the Founder of the first ever Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Research Lab in Saudi Arabia. She got her Ph.D.  in Educational Psychology from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She has a background in education, research, psychology, and assessment development. Her work in the field of Positive Psychology is remarkable and noteworthy. Dr Saddiga has prioritized ending the stigma against mental illnesses and seeking treatment for them and raising awareness in the community to develop an environment in which people and their mental health can thrive and flourish. She has organized events, workshops and conferences to raise awareness, and also to connect people with the mental health resources and centers in the country. Dr Saddiga has also organized free counselling sessions during the pandemic. Her passion to help others is inspiring and outstanding. Dr Saddiga believes that by developing and teaching effective positive psychology interventions that meet the needs of the community, we can give people the tools to work on themselves so that they can live happier and more fulfilling lives. She is also passionate about Islamic Psychology and the positive role it can play in improving intellectual awareness in the community. She actively works with people on a personal basis to help with their concerns. Her efforts to improve the lives of people as individuals and the community as a whole have won the hearts of many people.



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