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Ahmad Khuddro and Alaa Eddin Hussain2016
Axiomatic Functional Linguistics; Deductivism;  Hypotheticodeductivism; Inductivism; Linguistic Semantics; Research Methodology
Omar A. Kittaneh2015
Kullback-Leibler discrimination information, Double truncated distributions, Proportional hazards model, Proportional reserved hazards model, Stochastic orders.
Abdelghani Echchabi, Abdullah Mohammed Ayedh2015
Servies, Islamic insurance, Yemen
Basmah, Al Qudaiby; Rahatullah, Muhammed Khan2015
Synergy; vertical mergers; Saudi Arabia; specialized knowledge; JEL classification: G29, G21, G24, N25 - Asia including Middle East
Faleel, J.2014
Ahmed, S.2013
 foreign exchange-VAR model-domestic -credit
Korteling, J. E., Helsdingen A. S. &Theunissen, N. C. M.2013
Wassim Daghrir 2015
American democracy; American constitution; evaluation framework; political reform
Ibrahim, R. and Sarirete, A. 2014
Student development, leadership skills, constructivism, higher education.
Hayajneh, L. 2014