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Abou El-Hamd, O.R.,  Sweedan, A.M.I., El-Sawy, K.M.2018
Hybrid fiber-reinforced polymers (HFRP)HFRP–steel connectionsWashersClamping torqueHole's diameterLoad-slip model
Bagader, M.2018
built heritage, conservation, impacts, policy, UNESCO WHS list, Saudi Arabia, Historic Jeddah
Mohamed, M. A.2018
HFRP–steel connections Washers Clamping torque Hole's diameter Load-slip model
Mohamed, M.,  Mohammed, M.F.M.2018
Heritage interventionsPassive strategies and measuresWind catcher
Mohamed, M. A., & Nayer, A2018
Wind catcher, passive strategies and measures, heritage interventions, subjective assessment
Mohammed, M. F.2018
Arch. Education, design studio, E-learning, cloud technology
Yusof, Z. M., Billah, M. M., Kadir, K., Rohim, M. A., Nasir, H., Izani, M., & Razak, A.2018
Hole Detection Smart Blind Stick Visual Impaired
Abdelaal, M.S.2018
Campus planning Academic spaces Innovative university Social innovation Metrics
Alshimaa Aboelmakarem Farag2018
NEOM Saudi Arabia Futuristic city Branding cities New cities
Rasha Abd El-Rahman Moussa2018
Saudi vision 2030 Sustainable urbanism New cities’ challenges      Vibrant society       Diversion of economy
Badawi, S.2018
"Big Data Applications, Course Evaluation,
Teaching Method, Project Based Learning"
Badawi, S., Shehata, A.2018
Old Jeddah; Conservation; Sustainability; Socio-Cultural
Beydoun, Z., Mohamed, M.2018
Healthy City, Promenades, Jeddah, Design guidelines, KSA
El-Shafie,M., Lubaba Fakeih, l.2018
Internet of Things Urban Environments interactive Architecture Smart Buildings. Interactive Façade
Smart Commercial Buildings
Abdelsalam, T.2018
contextual architecture, architectural intervention, historic Cairo, old Jeddah, humanistic architecture
Sahar I. Tawfik, Tarek Saad Ragab, Mennatalah Darwish2018
Coastal Cities, Natural Hazards, Climate change, Alexandria, Egypt, Vulnerability
S. Tawfik,  T. Ragab, M. Dawish2018
Marine Surges, Sea-Level Rise, Climate Adaptation Strategies, Resilient City, Waterfront, Alexandria, Egypt
Middleton, D.2018
Human Resiliency, Ecology, Urban Community, aging, Jeddah, KSA.
Ragab, T.2018
cultural landscape, cultural identity, urban configuration, Jeddah, KSA
Attia, A., Salama, I.2018
Knowledge management capabilities Organizational performance Saudi food industry Supply chain management practices
Attia, A., Essam Eldin, I.2018
Knowledge management Societies and institutions organizational culture
Attia, A.2018
Competitive performance Inbound supply performance Saudi food industry Supply logistics integration
Baymout, M.2018
Order Quantity, Supply Chain, Lead Time, Cycle Time.
Mufti, M.M., and Almaktoom, A.T2018
Pharmacy, r-order point, inventory assurance.
Abdulmajid, M2018
broadband dot-in-a-well optical coherence tomography photonics super luminescent light-emitting diode
Mohammed Mousa, El-Amin M.F., Kou J., Sun S.2018
Multiscale time-splittingIMPESNanoparticlesTwo-phase flowPorous mediaReservoir simulation
Aboelaze M., Shehata M.G., Atiwa S.2018
hardware in the loop, HiL, satellite attitude control, FPGA, variable structure control; VSC.
Charles Rajesh Kumar .J2018
System on Chip (SoC), Network on Chip (NoC), Routing, Charl’s Table
A. Douik, H. Dahrouj, T. Y. Al-Naffouri and M.-S. Alouini,2018
Joint scheduling and power adaptation, slowvarying channels , complexity reduction
A. Douik, H. Dahrouj, T. Y. Al-Naffouri and M.-S. Alouin2018
centralized and distributed scheduling coordinated scheduling Multi-cloud networks scheduling-level coordination signal-level coordination
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