Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate


​​​Effat Makerspace / Creativity and Innovation Lab

The entrepreneurs are creative and have require an atmosphere ambiance to foster their vision, originality and creativeness. Many times entrepreneurs and creative people do not need the courses to perform certain tasks and creativity is natural, therefore, we should help them develop it for them.

Creative writing
Cutting and designing
Graphic designing, like adobe photo shop etc. (wedding cards etc.)
Leather cutting, designing and prototyping.
Artificial jewelry designing and making
Pottery work
Healthy food menu development
Hand bag designing
Dress and Fashion Design
Interior designing
Mobile Phone apps development
Electronic circuits designing
Website development
3D Printing
​Glass Art

It would have the following facilities run and managed by the students

  1.  Retail shop for visitors to buy the products prepared by the students
  2. Coffee shop
  3. Children nursery (In order to attract the non-student women to come and be creative)


Ideation – Ideas Den

The Accelerator will offer Accelerator space and pre-acceleration (Ideas Den) service to potential entrepreneurs to brainstorm and develop ideas and bring to fruition. Coaching and Mentoring Services to incubates will be provided by Effat faculty and Staff.

Join our accelerator program

Please fill in this application form , and send it back to: and join our accelerator program to allow us to help you to bring your idea to reality and assist you to launch it.