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Google Glass Based System for Sensory Impairment

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​Research Team

  • ​Dr. Hyassam Dahrouj, IEEE senior member, Effat University
  • Dr. Bernard Ghanem, Electrical Engineering, Image and Video Understanding Lab (IVUL), KAUST
  • Effat Students: Omniah Hasanain, Asmaa EL-Khatib, Noor BaFageeh.

Project Summary

Wearable devices have attracted a lot of attention from the research community. Many of these devices support multi-modal sensors that can record and/or transfer sensory data including video and audio. The augmented capabilities could be very beneficial for people with sensory impairments, e.g. a visually impaired person wearing an Augmented Reality device can be warned (through audio) of immediate obstacles in his/her way or a hearing impaired person can be notified (through words on a display) of someone calling out to him/her. Deliverables of this project includes a software module based on the Google Glass SDK to acquire and transfer still images and videos from the Glass to a central processing station and transfer meta-data in the opposite direction, an API for the central processing station to invoke automatic computer vision and machine learning algorithms on the received images and videos, a software module based on the Google Glass SDK that conveys to the user the meta-data acquired from the central processing station on the Glass display and a large-scale dataset of videos and still images captured by a Google Glass during day-to-day activities.