Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate


​​The PPW Research Lab has four functions that work simultaneously to help us achieve the lab's mission.  As a team we work together to accomplish these four functions of the lab: Research, Assessment development, Community Services, and Professional Services.


The purpose of this function is to conduct cutting edge research that investigates the practical implications of positive psychology theories in improving the wellbeing of individuals in our society. It aims to provide a platform for passionate individuals to pursue and advance their research skills and to produce applied research in various areas in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Another goal of this function is also to increase the number of research publications in this region. 

Assessment Development

The lab aims to validate assessments and make sure that they are suitable for the Saudi society. It also aims to create new valid and reliable assessments that accurately measure various psychological constructs.

Community Se​rvices

The members of the lab strongly believe in giving back to the community and in providing opportunities for others to benefit from its activities. Workshops, events and lectures are arranged by the lab to educate the public on the benefits of inculcating positive psychology in one’s everyday life, as well as raise awareness of the importance of research in clinical practice. It also aims to provide students and academics alike with opportunities to conduct research by providing them with the necessary platform and skills.

Professional Services

The lab provides local experts with a virtual and physical space to help them connect with people in the society who are in need of professional services. It will provide professional and personal development workshops, training, certificates and diplomas.​