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BSc Accounting and Finance Degree

Key Fact
  • Program name
    BSc Accounting and Finance Degree
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  • Program Chair
    Dr. Mohamed Mahees
  • Program length
    4 years
  • Credit hours

 About the Program


The Accounting and Finance (AF) program provides a comprehensive knowledge of the main theories, concepts, and tools in the areas of accounting, corporate finance, investments, financial markets and institutions in a global setting. The program emphasizes on the implications of important accounting and finance issues from the perspective of various stakeholders such as individual investors, corporations, financial institutions, and policy makers. Students will acquire knowledge and skills covering a broad range of accounting and finance topics needed for successful careers in these fields.

The Accounting and Finance (AF) program successfully acquired AACSB accreditation in Fall 2021 for a ​period of five years.

The Curriculum

The curriculum for the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance program shall set you up with the skills to explain the fundamentals of the main business disciplines and their interaction with the financial environment, describe and discuss key concepts and principles of accounting and economics and identify the concepts, theories and practices related to finance and investment.

You will analyze real-life business and financial scenarios and formulate decisions and solutions, evaluate the feasibility of various options and decisions, and draw valid conclusions and conduct research into current problems related to finance.

You will develop keen analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills grounded in ethical values, use mathematics and statistics to solve financial problems and develop your interpersonal skills to be able to function effectively in a team. 

At the early years of your academic journey at Bachelor of Science in Finance, you will take General Education Program (GEP), attributed to the Liberal Arts – an American style education. The (GEP) covers arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and technological studies to help you gain insight into varied critical learning skills, investigate essential branches of knowledge, and develop appreciation of diversity and change across time, culture, and national boundaries. ​

The curriculum and program implementation is reviewed annually by Georgetown University McDonough School of Business to ensure our BSc in Accounting and Finance degree program is industry leading.​​

 Vision and Mission

Program Vision

Effat English Academy Program aspires to be a leading center of excellence in providing high quality English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.​

Program Mission

Effat English Academy Program provides high quality English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. It develops the students' English language skills to eliminate linguistic barriers and promote intercultural understanding. The Program equips students with study skills, critical thinking, ethics and self-discipline necessary for future success.​​

 Educational Objectives

Students who undertake this program will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key terms, theories, practices and latest trends in the field of Accounting and Finance.

  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in the field of Accounting and Finance.

  • Provide innovative solutions to problems in the field of Accounting and Finance.

  • Demonstrate ability to conduct research in the field of Accounting and Finance.

  • Demonstrate the understanding of ethical issues in Accounting and Finance reporting.​

 Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and comprehension of materials, techniques, practices, and terminologies of Finance, Accounting and Economics. (Itqan)

  2. Comprehension and ability to conduct research applying various methodologies related to Finance, Accounting and Economics. (Itqan)

  3. Use critical thinking to develop creative solutions to current issues and problems within the field. (Itqan)

  4. Utilize advanced processes, tools and techniques to solve complex problems within the discipline. (Itqan)

  5. Communicate effectively theoretical knowledge through application of IT, mathematics and statistics software in analyzing and presenting data and results. (Ambassador)

  6. Demonstrate personal, professional, and ethical competencies expected for good leadership. (Ihsan)

  7. Demonstrate ability to work independently and in group, responsibly and constructively, on tasks and activities related to the discipline and/or work. (Stewardship)​

 Career Opportunities

As a result of the university’s efforts to develop tomorrow’s leaders, and with a professional modus operandi in place, there will be numerous opportunities for graduates in the workplace. These include, but are not limited to, the following job titles:

  • Accounting and Finance Officer
  • Finance Manager / Officer
  • ​Financial Statement Analyst
  • Fund/Investment Manager
  • Loans Officer
  • Auditor
  • Finance Business Analyst and Consultant
  • Accounts Manager / Officer
  • Purchase officer
  • Sales Ledger Officer

 Graduation Requirements

To successfully graduate from Effat University, students will need to:
  • Successfully complete all graduation requirements of ACCT and FIN major.
  •  Complete 132 credit hours, in not less than 08 semesters and not less than 12 CR/semester.
  • Attain a minimum cumulative GPA and major GPA of 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale).
  • Complete the Effat Student Personal, Social and Professional Development Program.​

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