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أفضل 17 بودكاست عن الذكاء الاصطناعي وتعلم الآلة

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​​​​As interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continues to grow, so too does the demand for accessible and informative resources on the topic.

​AI podcasts have emerged as an excellent way to stay informed, with entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers and thought leaders often ready to share the latest industry information and discuss the trends, challenges and breakthroughs that will soon play a large part in modern-day society. For students and professionals alike, podcasts enable you to explore AI from new perspectives and deepen your understanding of the topic. 

In this article, we have curated a list of 17 excellent AI and machine learning podcasts, covering a range of topics from introductions to the topic, to technical deep-dives, to discussions on the ethical implications of AI. 

The best AI and machine learning podcasts for everyone

These podcasts are designed for anyone to jump in and start to learn! They offer in-depth discussions and general insights into AI, with interviews from experts in a range of industries.

  1. ​​​Podc​ast by NVIDIA - 4.5 stars on Apple Podcasts

    NVIDIA is one of the largest names in AI chip manufacturing in the world, and holds a large part of the graphics card market used for mining cryptocurrency, playing video games, and performing the heavy lifting behind tasks like CGI creation and rendering, and much more.

    The AI podcast provides an excellent educational experience by interviewing one professional per episode, so you can gain a deeper understanding of how AI affects their specific industry. You can expect to learn a lot about many different industries through the podcast, from how AI and crowdsourcing can advance vaccine distribution, to how generative AI will revolutionise gaming.

  1. Practical AI: Machine Learning, Data Science by Changelog - 4.4 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Practical AI is all about making the world of AI completely accessible. They do this by providing a host of experts, students, business people, enthusiasts and tech professionals, who gather and discuss AI and AI adjacent topics. The objective of this podcast is to help listeners understand how AI can be implemented productively, and in real-world scenarios where everyday people can make the most of them.

    Expect to find all the latest discussions around AI as a part of this podcast, from the capabilities of LLMs to how small organisations can utilise machine learning. Also expect to hear about topics like Machine and Deep Learning, Neural Networks, AIOps, GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) and more.

  1. DeepMind: The Podcast by Hannah Fry - 4.8 stars on Apple Podcasts 

    The DeepMind podcast is a great way to get an insider perspective from mathematician, author and radio and television presenter Professor Hannah Fry. Throughout this podcast, Professor Fry goes behind the scenes at the world-leading research lab, DeepMind, to uncover the benefits of AI.

    This podcast, available over two seasons, looks at the links between neuroscience and AI, how and why we should be building safe AI, and how AI is accelerating science in a range of areas. This podcast offers fantastic discussion points around AI and is one that all AI enthusiasts should engage with.

  1. AI in Business by Daniel Faggella - 4.4 stars on Apple Podcasts

    The AI in Business podcast is designed for business people who aren't technically minded but are interested in understanding how AI can improve their ROIs, as well as work alongside their business strategies.

    Each week, Daniel Faggella brings in different business professionals like Nell Watson (Apple), Aamar Hussain (Microsoft), and Shannon Clark (Palantir), to discuss best practices for AI adoption, alongside helpful trends and use-cases, helping you to take actionable steps in introducing AI to your workflows.​

  1. The Lex Fridman Podcast 4.8 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Lex Fridman is one of the foremost AI researchers in the world and performs his research through massive institutions like MIT. While the Lex Fridman podcast doesn't always focus specifically on AI, Lex's experience in the field offers unique insights into a range of topics that aren't often covered by other professionals, such as the case for halting AI development altogether, and ChatGPT and the nature of Truth, Reality and Computation.

    The podcast offers a truly unique perspective on the world of AI and how it affects the wider world. Lex's platform allows him access to a range of industry leaders and thought leaders, like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Todd Howard and Noam Chomsky.​

  1. Data Skeptic by Kyle Polich - 4.5 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Data Skeptic is one of the longest-running AI podcasts around. It works in seasons, offering users a distinct insight into different themes including Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Ad-Tech and more. It also offers bite-size mini-episodes that go into specific topics revolving around technology and AI.

    This podcast is perfect for anybody looking to find a much wider understanding of our data-driven world, and users will enjoy the range of interviews available across its broad range of subjects.​

  1. The TWIML AI Podcast by Sam Charrington - 4.7 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Hosted by industry analyst and thought leader Sam Charrington, the TWIML AI podcast offers insights into a host of AI topics, from neural networks and natural language processing to data science and deep learning models. Listeners should prepare to hear from some of the foremost thinkers and experts in AI and gain an understanding of the many ways AI will affect our daily lives, businesses, and more.

    This podcast is widely seen as one of the best places to learn all about the latest machine learning news and comes highly recommended.

  1. Redefining AI by The Squirro Academy - 5 stars on Apple Podcasts

    The Squirro Academy's acclaimed podcast, Redefining AI, provides a passionate look into the power of AI, with an emphasis on technical innovation and transformation. 

    Listeners should prepare for the layers of the AI industry to be stripped back through candid conversations and lively discussions revolving around topics like Large Language Models in Enterprises, Web3 and the Metaverse.

  1. No Priors: Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Technology | Startups by Conviction | Pod People by Sarah Guo and Elad Gil - 4.8 stars on Apple Podcasts

    No Priors is a podcast set up by two entrepreneurs — Sarah Guo and Elad Gil — and is dedicated to answering some of the biggest questions that AI poses, such as which markets are at risk of disruption from AI. How will our cultures and society change? And how far away is AGI?

    Listeners will enjoy some of the most incisive insights into AI throughout these podcasts, as Q&As or interviews are produced on a weekly basis from a host of business leaders, AI researchers, and founders of companies like DeepMind and Nvidia.​

The best bitesize podcasts on AI and machine learning

These podcasts are perfect for the AI enthusiast on the go. Enjoy bitesize chunks of information surrounding this exciting technology, and the latest news to come out of the largest tech companies in the world.

  1. Artificial Intelligence 101 by Luca Marchesotti - 4.5 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Artificial Intelligence 101 by Dr Luca Marchesotti provides a fantastic way to absorb bitesize information on AI while still covering a range of topics. Each week the show answers a different question around the topic of AI, such as What are the Top Humanoid Robots?, What is Bespoke AI?, and the Top AI & Tech Documentaries on Netflix.

    Each episode of Artificial Intelligence 101 lasts for under 15 minutes. Perfect for a quick listen while getting on with your day!​

  2. AI Quick Bits: Snackable Artificial Intelligence Content for Everyone by Scot Pansing - 5 stars on Apple Podcasts
    AI Quick Bits, hosted by Scot Pansing, is designed to provide bitesize chunks of AI information, covering topics like policies and regulations, safety and ethics, and more. It also touches on interesting current cultural discussions around AI, such as the combination of AI and music, and the use of ChatGPT and Midjourney to create content and art.

    Listeners will enjoy short episodes generally under 15 minutes long, with longer interviews involving AI professionals and thought leaders that cover a host of topics.

  3. The Artificial Intelligence Podcast by Dr Tony Hoang - No reviews on Apple Podcasts
    Dr Tony Hoang breaks down the latest AI and machine learning news into tiny 5-minute chunks through The Artificial Intelligence Podcast, allowing you to get a quick update on the go. This podcast covers a range of sectors and industries, so there is always something fresh to engage with.

  4. AI Today Podcast by AI & Data Today - 4.4 stars on Apple Podcasts
    The AI Today Podcast is a fantastic space for experienced and beginner learners alike. In its current season, it offers a glossary on a host of AI terms that will get even the most novice of AI learners up to speed. Each episode is short and sharp, providing explanations for each term in around 15 minutes and under.

    Going back to earlier seasons, listeners can also enjoy longer format episodes where the hosts, Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer, interview technology professionals in the AI and machine learning fields. These interviews discuss everything from ethics in AI, adopting AI best practices, and more.​

The best technical AI podcasts

These are some of the favourite podcasts of AI and data science students and experts alike, offering in-depth discussions of industry news, conversations with experts, case studies and trends to learn from, and advice on how to progress into AI and AI-adjacent fields.

  1. Eye on A.I. by Craig S. Smith - 4.9 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Eye on A.I. is all about tracking the latest developments in AI research. This podcast looks at the more technical side of AI, with interviews from AI developers, data scientists, university professors and more.

    This podcast offers a deep dive into AI, and as such is perfect for anyone looking to learn about or move into the field, but may be too technical for some. Prepare to gain insight into the processes and technologies behind AI applications, AI development and AI Models, as well as how these elements affect different sectors like healthcare, supply chains and national security.​

  2. Learning Machines 101 by Richard M. Golden, Ph.D., M.S.E.E., B.S.E.E. - 4.4 stars on Apple Podcasts
    Learning Mac​hines 101 describes itself as a gentle approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is perfect for technically minded listeners looking to engage with AI development and data science processes.

    In this podcast, the host covers a range of subjects from choosing the best model using AIC and GAIC, to using calculus to design learning machines. Those that want to make leaps in the industry will find an absolute treasure trove of information through this podcast and the questions it answers.

  3. Adventures in Machine Learning by Ben Wilson and Michael Berk - 4.7 stars on Apple Podcasts

    Adventures in Machine Learning is a fantastic long-form podcast dedicated to budding Machine Learning Engineers. Listeners can expect to hear useful tips and advice for students of data science and AI, and even engineers already in the field will appreciate the range of case studies and other issues laid out in this podcast, which may help them find a solution to a current problem.

    Guests to the podcast also come with a wide range of industry experience, and as such can offer first-hand experience of their time in AI, problems they've overcome, and what the future may hold.​

​The best AI-generated podcasts

This podcast is unique in that it is, incredibly, built purely through AI!

  1. Podcast.ai by play.ht - No reviews on Apple Podcasts

    Podcast.ai does not specifically discuss AI, but is completely generated by AI, using GPT3 as a script writing tool, and play.ht to clone voices.

    This short-run podcast shows just how powerful AI can be as a tool for generating new content. Each episode is designed around a range of audience suggestions, whether they be suggested hosts or suggested topics, and the creators at play.ht train their voice cloning AI to mimic and clone voice recordings found online.

    This is a unique experience found in the podcast world, and anyone with an interest in AI may enjoy learning of the capabilities and limitations made clear through this podcast.

Discover the Best Artificial Intelligence Podcast for You

This list is designed to give you a great starting point into the world of AI and machine learning podcasts. As the industry gains traction we expect to see a lot more AI-based podcasts, so if you're interested in more like these, keep your eyes peeled on this list and wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

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