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Developmental Course in Subtitling

Key Fact
  • Program name
    Developmental Course in Subtitling
  • Program Duration
    1 week
  • Delivery Method
    On Campus
  • Credit hours
  • Program Cost (VAT Execluded)
    SAR 1,000
This intensive workshop in subtitling trains students on the basics of how to translate a script for subtitling using the professional software installed in the Interpreting Lab. Students will subtitling clips from different movies and documentaries to give them the experience in this field of audiovisual translation. By the end of this course, students should be able to subtitle 5 minutes from a clip with accurate time cues. 

Pre-requirements for this course: 


Co​-requirements for this course: ​


Developmental Course Training Plan:

The developmental course is offered 7 times during a Semester.​

Admission Requirements:​

  • Bachelor's degree in Translation or in English Language and Literature ore related fields.​

Course Main Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Subtitle various audiovisual texts from Arabic into English and vice versa.
  2. Use AVT terminology.
  3. Identify issues related to translation and to resolve them creatively and in a timely manner.
  4. Use techniques and approaches to subtitling creatively based mainly on practice.
  5. Evaluate subtitling products.​

Career opportunities

  • Freelance Subtitler

  • Jobs in TV channels and streaming services

  • Media related employement​

Tuition and Fees​

  • Program Duration
    No. of credit hours
  • 1 Week
    (16:00 - 19:00)
    (16:00 - 20:00)​

Course ​Content ​

  • List of Topics​
    Contact Hours
  • What is audiovisual translation, in particular subtitling?
    2 hours
  • Wincaps Q4 training - software training
    1 hours
  • Subtitling film clips
    5 hours
  • A​ssessment
    2 hours
  • Total
    10 hours

Tuitio​n​ and Fees

  • Description
  • Tuition Course Fee (VAT Excluded)
    SAR 1,000
  • Tuition Course Fee (VAT Included)
    SAR 1,150

​Other Fees

  • Description
    Fees after VAT
  • Application and Admission procedures fees
    SAR 460, non-refundable
  • E-Learning Resources Fees
    SAR 173/month
  • Placement Test (If applicable)
    SAR 460, non-refundable

Impo​rtant notes:

  • Students are required to pay their full tuition fee upon registration.
  • Effat University reserves the right to withhold student services, including Blackboard and Banner access, from students who do not complete their due payment as per their payment plan or if their account status is delinquent.
  • There are no installments allowed for any of the PACE-HIT programs (less than 5 weeks).
  • In the event that the student chooses to pay in installments for the PACE-HIT programs (6 weeks and above).​
    • Upon Registration (First Installment):

      50% of the total training course fees

    • ​Final Instalment:

      The last 50% of the t​otal training course fees

Payme​​​​nt Methods

The payment can be made by:
  • Effat University E-Payment System​ 
  • Cash (working hours are from 8:00 Am to 3:00:PM)
  • Cheque payable to Effat University
  • Credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express)
  • Direct deposit or bank transfer* to EFFAT bank account
    • Wire Transfer Required Information
    • Bank Name:  Saudi National Bank (SNB)
    • Name of Account Holder: Effat University
    • Bank Account Number: 10147135000210
    • International Bank Account number (IBAN): SA9310000010147135000210

Contact Information:

For financial inquiries, please email us on: ​

Cancellation or Refund Policy

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