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​Attending Effat University, like most prestigious universities, takes an investment. We invest in you too, by providing scholarships and need-based financial aid​ available to help meet those expenses. 

​​​​​​​Founders and Donors Scholarships

If you are a high achiever, Effat University wants to help you ac​complish everything you possibly can as a student in Effat University. One of the ways we do this is through a variety of scholarships. Applicants from all nationalities are considered for all awards. Most awards are for academic achievement, while others go to talented athletes, performers and artists. The available scholarships are currently limited to cover the tuition and nothing else of the services for the students. 

Being Effat University Scholar me​ans you are Effat University Ambassador of Academic Excellence. ​

Undergraduate programs Scholarships Criteria for the  Academic year 2020-2021
Admissions criteria


90% - 100%
3.6 - 4.0
4.5 - 5.0​


3.4 - 3.59
4.25 - 4.49


3.2 - 3.39
4.0 - 4​.24​
Graduate programs Scholarships Criteria for the Academic year 20​20-2021
Admissions criteria


3.40 - 3.91 out of 4
4.40 – 4.91 out of 5


3.20 – 3.39 out of 4
4.20 - 4.39 out of 5


3.00- 3.19 out of 4
4.00 - 4.19 out of 5

Effat University Graduate are eligible for 70% if they meet 3.0-4 GPA.

Applicants who are granted a scholarship will sign a contract with Effat University indicating the scholarship grant allocated towards graduation.

The following conditions apply:

  • The grant covers all credit hours required to graduation 
  • The grant covers registration in regular and summer semesters
  • The student must maintain the cumulative grade point average (cum GPA) specified in the scholarship contract
  • The student must earn her degree from Effat University
  1. In case of withdraw, the refund policy will be applied on the paid tuition fees and the student is obliged to pay a fine in accordance with the schedule provided in the scholarship contract.
  2. The student may transfer from one college to another, or from one major to another once on the condition that she submits the request before completing the fourth level of her academic studies may not change the chosen major
  3. The student must remain in good disciplinary standing at the University

 For information on required documents, please visit Effat Admissions

 To apply for scholarship please complete Effat University online application.  ​

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