Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

Testing Services

​​Welcome to Effat University’s Testing Center

Whether you’re planning to enroll at our university, apply to a different undergraduate or graduate school, or make a career transition, we have a secure testing center equipped with the newest technology for a distraction-reduced and comfortable testing experience.

Our Testing Center Facility

Effat University’s Testing Center offers a variety of local and internationally recognized tests and services for university students, distant learners, prospective applicants, and the general public (both males and females). Our testing services include national tests (ex: Qiyas), internet-based tests that may require audio/video setups (ex: iBT), and distant learning testing accommodation.


  • Effat University's placement tests (English and Math)

  • International tests (SAT, iBT, Linguaskill, and Computer-delivered IELTS)

  • National tests (Qiyas)

  • Graduate Program Admission Tests

  • Distant Learning Testing

  • Recently added Tests:

  • Linguaskill: An online, multi-level test provided by Cambridge Assessment English (UK). It is also used by Effat University as the main English Placement Test to assess the English language capabilities of its applicants/students. Linguaskill Test is offered at Effat University on-campus and online via ProctorU (click on Linguaskill Test for more info) .

  • Computer-Delivered IELTS: A more flexible and co​nvenient form of the IELTS. The Listening, Reading, and Writing sections are administered on a computer in a well-equipped lab, while the Speaking test will remain face-to-face with an Examiner.  Examiners are all from the British Council.

The Testing Center Staff welcomes you to explore our services! You can access our list of exams by clicking on the links in the side navigation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Team Members from the lis​t provided. ​


    Name Email Phone Position
    Ms. Asma'a A. 122137633Coordinator
    Ms. Enaam 122137632Coordinator
    Ms. Faten A. 122137634Officer
    Ms. Bashaier S. 122137631Assistant