Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Research Chairs

​​Our three research chairs work towards a shared vision: to develop knowledge, preserve heritage, and contribute to the success of the students and society through a program of in-house research, training, consultancy, events, projects and publications.

The Entrepreneurship Scientific Chair, which aims to promote economic growth and ensure the next generation of entrepreneurs, is equipped with the essential leadership and business skills they need to succeed.

The Islamic Finance Scientific Chair (IFSC), aims produce experts that will play a part in the future of Islamic finance, and to raise awareness and understanding of Islamic finance through teaching, training, research, publications and consultancy.

The Queen Effat Legacy Scientific Chair, aims to continue the Effat legacy and promote education for young women in Saudi Arabia through research, while providing a deeper sense of who Queen Effat was, what her ideas and vision were, and to share her inspiring story of visionary leadership and philanthropy​​