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      A researcher
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      A graduate

Financial Aid

Need-based grants are awarded based on a combination of calculated financial eligibility and academic merit. To apply for need-based aid, you must complete the free Application for Financial Aid Case Study. We strongly recommend that you submit this application to determine your financial aid eligibility if you're interested in being considered for need-based grants and scholarships.

Once you've submitted a financial aid application and been admitted to Effat University, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will calculate your financial eligibility. If you are eligible for need-based aid based on these calculations (Financial Aid Formula), a deduction is granted toward graduation. It may include grants from the University as well as a combination of funds from donors and sponsors. Some funds might be conditioned to end by employment for the donor or sponsor.

While we make every effort to help students in need, we do not have sufficient funds to assist all eligible applicants. Students with the strongest academic records receive priority consideration for available funds.

To apply for financial aid, please complete the Application for Financial Aid Case Study and submit the following required documents

  1. Bank statement for the past 6 months for both parents and/or guardian as applicable
  2. Saudi Insurance Monetary Agency (SIMA) Report for both parents and/or guardian as applicable
  3. Original Identification Letter from the employer indicating income and allowances for both parents and/or guardian as applicable
  4. Unemployed Saudi guardian/parents must provide a document from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce (JCC) as proof of unemployment status (have/does not have commercial license)
  5. Unemployed guardian/parents from other nationalities must provide a document issued by the mayor of the neighborhood they inhibit as proof of unemployment.
  6. Saudi guardian/parents who own a business and hold a Commercial License from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, must submit a report on average estimation of the monthly/annual profit notarized by the JCC.
  7. Copies of all utility bills (electricity, water, etc.)
  8. House/flat rent (if applicable)
  9. Report of all none-billing expenses (driver, maid, mobile phones, etc.) signed by both parents and/or guardian as applicable and notarized by the mayor of the neighborhood inhibited
  10. Proof of cost endured by either parents and/or guardian for medical treatments for chronic illnesses
  11. Copy of Family Card for Saudi showing all dependents (for other nationalities, please provide copy of the Iqama of all dependents)

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