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Student Associations


American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is to promote the objectives of the AIAS within Saudi Arabia, while adopting the culture rooted in Saudi Arabia and enhance connectivity. To facilitate and encourage informal learning of architecture through student activities outside the classroom and by adopting the IQRA values.  To enrich the experience of architecture students in Saudi Arabia by encouraging the inter-level interaction of students. To initiate professional growth of students.  To provide opportunities to the students to channelize their skills for community service.  To encourage student to explore future scope of architects. 


Effat Business Students Association (EBSA) is to establish the purpose of taking initiatives to develop students, communities and institutions. The mission of Effat Business Students Association is to achieve excellence in student experience in their journey to graduate. We want to provide the students with expert and information power so that they can become valuable members of the society. Effat Business Students Association visualizes a world where the students contribute positively towards the growth and development of our economy, society and homes. We want to create a social fabric in the society that is distinctively active, prudent, farsighted, proactive and positive in its initiatives to development of all kinds; and yet stick to its moral, cultural, social and religious values.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), to be active and by working in the areas of:  Robotics, Women in Engineering, Energy and Academic and Professional Development. 


Industrial Engineering and Operational Management (IEOM) will help students in the development or enhancement their outer important skills, including:  leadership, communications, organization, p​lanning, time management, budgeting and finance, and other professional skills.  Those can help to prepare for their career and to be successful in longer term.

Student Green Building Council

Recruits, connects and equips the next generation of green building leaders by empowering them to transform their campus, community and career.