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    •, Undergraduate, البكالوريوس
    •, Graduate, الدراسات العليا
Career Development Office (CDO)


The Career Development Office aims to help Effat University students become leaders of the future and exceptional career women by developing and enhancing their personal and professional skills.
The CDO works with students to prepare them for future employment and/or graduate studies. Students gain access to opportunities that build on their academic experiences and career exploration. The programs offered provide students and future graduates' information on on-campus and off-campus activities and events that can assist them in life after university.


To empower women and mould them into leaders of the future by developing and enhancing their personal and professional skills.


The following are the services offered by the CDO:

  • Checking CVs and editing covering letters
  • Offering workshops related to career and post-graduate studies
  • Inviting guest speakers from the industry to talk about professional life
  • Interview-preparation sessions with students (upon request – appointments)
  • Announcing summer/part-time jobs
  • Assistance in finding internship placements
  • Assistance in finding Graduate Schools
  • Liaison between future employers and Effat University
  • Effat Annual Career Fair
  • Organizing full-day company events (competitions/challenges)
  • Giving career counselling/coaching sessions  (upon request – appointments)