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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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Operations & Information Management

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To be recognized as one of the top program in providing excellent learning experience and distinctive intellectual contribution in the area of operations and information management to foster country economic growth.


The Operations and Information Management (OPIM) program develops competent and proficient leaders who contribute effectively to national and international growth through state-of-the-art procedures, strategies and systems. The OPIM program is committed to providing students with solid foundations and a basis for cutting-edge research that applies analytic and empirical studies to supporting the growth of the community while embracing its ethical values.


  1. To lead and position OPIM department to be recognized nationally and internationally as a role model in the field of OPIM that nurtures highly qualified leaders.
  2. To develop and maintain departmental structure and processes that promote and support academic excellence.
  3. To enhance the department’s quality measures to maintain the national accreditation and gain the international accreditation.
  4. To provide an innovative, distinctive, and high quality education, which inspires the student’s enthusiasm for learning.
  5. To attract and maintain excellent and diverse students and provide exceptional experience to prepare them as ambassadors for life.
  6. To inspire faculty, staff, and students to take advantage of the abundance of learning assets using the campus resources and facilities.
  7. To optimize and to efficiently use the available modern and sustainable working and learning resources.
  8. To maintain and enhance the department’s financial position.
  9. To select, recruit, and retain qualified international and Saudi workforce in the department.
  10. To develop, encourage, and support research activities within the department and collaborating with other faculty in order to contribute to the Kingdom economic and cultural prosperity and the global scientific advancement
  11. To support and contribute to the community and reinforce the department’s association through regional, national, and international partnerships.​
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