Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate


  1. ​Global Learning -Success in Local Delivery Advancing the Role of Higher Education
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    The AIEA 2016 Annual Conference Building a Better World: The Academy as Leader
  2. Student Centered Learning Practices the Optimum Learning Environment
    H Al-Lail
    Second Forum of the Royal Commission Colleges and Institutes Division …
  3. The Role of Leadership in Creating & Nurturing a Culture of Innovation
    H Al-Lail
    MENA conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  4. Pioneering Women Engineering Education in Saudi Arabia: Effat University Experience
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    The Saudi Arabian Smart Grid, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  5. Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Based on Institutional Core Values
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    Qiyas (ICA) conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  6. Opportunities & Challenges of internationalizing Higher education in KSA
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    the 5th QS MAPLE in Doha, Qatar under the theme “International Innovation …
  7. Saudi Women As Engineers: Unlocking Saudi Women's Potential
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    2015 KAUST NSF Research Conference on Electronic Materials, Devices, and …
  8. Creative Learning and MOOCs Harnessing the Technology for a 21st Century Education
    N Sultan, H Jamal Al-Lail
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  9. An education for the twenty-first century: Stewardship of the global commons
    DC Bennett, GH Cornwell, HJ Al-Lail, C Schenck
    Liberal Education 98 (4), 34-41
  10. The Role of Internationalization in Women's Education in the Middle East
    H Jamal Al-lail
    Innovation Through Education: Building The Knowledge Economy in The Middle …
  11. Saudi universities reach toward equality for women
  12. A Mills
    Chronicle of higher education
  13. Gender Issues and University Development
    H Jamal Al-Lail, S Al-Sabah
    University Development and Critical Thinking: Education in the Arabian …
  14.  Education: a new asset in Global Competition
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    Europe, the Gulf & the Mediterranean: Reviving Common Legacies, Mapping Our … 
  15. Saudi Women: Tapping the new Saudi Economic Wealth: New Trajectories and Directions
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    Third Liberal Arts Conference titled “Liberal Arts Education and Tomorrow's …
  16. 15.  Professionalism: A New Wave in Teaching English in Saudi Arabia
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    The First Annual KSAALT Conference titled “New Horizons in Saudi Education"
  17. Women and Education in Saudi Arabia
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    “The Socio-Economic link: The Double-Helix of life " in the 9th Jeddah …
  18. Effat learning model
    E Noble, H Jamal Al-Lail
    Presentation Submission to American Association for Colleges and … 
  19. Privatization and Reform
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    8th JEF 2007 titled “Economic Reform: Flourishing Grounds and Expanding … 
  20. International & Intercultural partnerships cooperation & exchanges Priorities, needs & strategies for succes
    H jamal Al-Lail
    Second Hollings Centre conference, Istanbul, Turkey 
  21. The role of woman and Youth in Family Business
    H Jamal Al-Lail
    The First GCC Family Business Forum,Dubai, United Arab Emirates​