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International Conference on Business and Finance, 2024

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​​​​The 10th International Conference on Business & Finance​ (ICBF 2024​)

Humanizing Business and Finance: Pathways to Economic Prosperity​
Sunday, 1st of December, 2024

Effat University, Jeddah, KSA​​

​The world is on the cusp of Industry 5.0, a paradigm shift characterized by human-machine collaboration and intelligent automation. While Industry 5.0​ promises increased efficiency and productivity through automation and artificial intelligence, it raises concerns about job displacement, skill gaps, and the potential for human interactions and values to be diminished in the workplace. Within this context, a crucial question remains: how do we ensure business practices remain centered on human values and contribute to sustainable economic growth for all?

The 10th International Conference on Business and Finance (ICBF2024) will unite scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers worldwide to explore the theme " Humanizing Business & Finance: Pathways to Economic Prosperity." The theme is highly relevant as it addresses the crucial need to bridge the potential gap between technological advancement and human well-being in the face of rapid industrial transformation. The rapid rise of Industry 5.0 demands a reevaluation of business practices. This theme emphasizes the importance of ensuring that technological progress serves humanity and fosters a work environment that leverages human strengths alongside technology. It encourages exploring how businesses can prioritize human-centered design, develop ethical frameworks for AI integration, and cultivate a workforce with the skills and adaptability necessary to thrive in this new era. It emphasizes the importance of cultural intelligence, adaptability, and values in fostering collaboration and innovation across traditional and modern business landscapes.

Effat College of Business invites you to this conference to explore the crucial role of human values in driving sustainable economic growth in today's globalized marketplace. By humanizing business in Industry 5.0, we can ensure that this technological revolution empowers individuals, fosters collaboration, and contributes to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

All submissions to the 10th International Conference on Business and Finance (ICBF2024) must be original and unpublished research papers written in English and should not exceed 8,000 words. All papers will undergo a blind peer-review process to ensure their quality and relevance to the conference theme and subthemes. Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings and considered for publication in the conference partners' journals. We encourage submissions that offer innovative and thought-provoking insights on the humanization of business and finance in the context of Industry 5.0 and sustainable economic growth.

Academics, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, ​business professionals, scholars, regulators, and students are invited to contribute to the conference. We encourage submissions from various disciplines, including finance, economics, supply chain, operations management, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, and accounting.