Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Research / Projects

  • Research Interests:

Effat University (2007 – Now)

Assistant Professor.

• Physics Education Research (2008 – Now)

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (Jan. 2002 – 2007)

Assistant Professor.

• Developing an Inquiry-Based teaching and learning; physics and mathematics integrated model, during Summer Institute for Middle Grade Science Teachers (Summer 2006 and Summer 2007).

• Research in physics education. Mathematics and physical science curriculum teaching development applied to middle and high School Level. (2004-2005)

University of Pennsylvania (March 1996 – 1999)

Visiting Scholar

• Investigated gel formation using Diffuse Photon Density Waves during cheese making process.

• Monitored the heterogeneous flow of opaque colloidal mixtures.

• Designed a Diffuse Transmission Spectroscopy setup incorporating a varying wavelength light source, integrating sphere, optical detection system, electronics and computer-apparatus interface.

• Analyzed experimental data using computer models.

Uppsala University (Sep. 1989- April 1995)

Research Assistant

• Performed Mössbauer Spectroscopy experiments for magnetic, non-magnetic and superconducting systems.

• Experienced in analyzing data using statistics based computer models.

• Expert in local probe methods to study how the microscopic properties of a material such as crystal and electronic structures are related to its macroscopic properties.

• Used the hyperfine structure changes to get information on local atomic arrangements, chemical state, magnetic state, electron-density variations, and lattice dynamics.

• Calculated, with in the Local Density Molecular cluster approach, the hyperfine field and electric field gradient on Cd probe atoms at 3d-transition-metal surfaces.

• Contributed to original changes to the computer-code to enhance its performance.

• Performed calculations on different bulk-like clusters of Fe and FeF2. Directed and supervised graduate and undergraduate students in research projects.

University of Khartoum (Nov.1986- Jul. 1989)

Research Assistant

• Calculated mathematically the contributions of conduction electrons to the contact magnetic field.

• Studied soil samples using Mössbauer Spectroscopy.

• Analyzed data using computer programs and geographical information about the sites​

Effat Alumnae