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Effat College of Architecture & Design (ECoAD)

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Effat College of Architecture and Design aspires to address local and global societal needs and future ambitions through unique and distinguished architecture, art and design education that reinforces a culture of diversity and creativity in research, practice and community service.


Effat College of Architecture and Des​ign offers a unique group of programs dedicated to the investigation, interpretation, and creation of physical, social and sensory environment. Through its interdisciplinary instruction and ongoing research, the college graduates architects, designers, producers and film makers who extend the conventional boundaries of theory and practice to meet the challenges of a changing world locally and globally.​


  1. Empower the presence of Effat College of Architecture and Design (ECoAD) as a contributor to the creative culture nationally and internationally by ensuring the attainment of the strategic planning goals measured by tracking the achievement of the mission and vision aligned with the university and the Saudi Vision 2030.
  2. Cultivate a dynamic and collaborative work environment through effective and inspiring leadership that promotes integrity in managing all the college activities within the approved governance model to ensure the best organizational performance; and achieve national and international accreditation for ECoAD Programs to reach a satisfactory level of national and international recognition.
  3. Provide excellence in all ECoAD distinctive academic activities, which inspire the students’ innovative, creative, and intellectual engagements and ensure dynamic learning environment that foster creativity among ECoAD students, faculty, staff and external community through state-of-the-art learning and information resources and services.
  4. Qualify the ECoAD graduates to be the Ambassadors of Queen Effat Legacy and agents of change by improvising the student-life quality and by attracting and retaining a diverse body of students.
  5. Enhance ECoAD efforts to recruit, nurture, and retain a diverse faculty and staff in order to strengthen the programs.
  6. Obtain up-to-date studios, workshops, and digital labs that encourage ECoAD faculty and students to practice hands-on and practicum creative projects; and maintain constructive financial management by creative use of budget and resources.
  7. Create a vibrant, creative, and interactive research community that generates artistic and innovative ideas worthy of implementing in the national industry, as inspired by the Saudi Vision 2030.
  8. Enhance the ECoAD culture of service through national and international productive partnerships and collaborations that support the community and the college.​

Effat College of Architecture & Design​​ Strategic Plan (2022-2027): 



    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Asmaa 122137910Professor &Dean of ECoAD &Acting Chair of ARCH &Director of MSAU
    Dr. Sajid A. 122137912Assistant Professor, Chair of Design Department
    Dr. Mohamed 122137946Assistant Professor & Chair of Cinematic Arts School
    Dr. Mady A. 122137550Professor & Dean for Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research
    Dr. Abeer Samy Y. Mohamed 122137914Professor
    Dr. Mohammed 122137913Professor
    Dr. Mohamad 122137742Professor
    Dr. Tarek M. 122137922Professor
    Dr. Mustafa M. 122137743Professor
    Dr. Ahmed M. 122137935Assistant Professor
    Dr. Hadil H. 122137915Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ahmed M. 122137737Assistant Professor
    Dr. Mohamed M. 122137905Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ahmed S. 122137941Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ibrahim S. 122137929Assistant Professor
    Dr. Mazen M. 122137916Assistant Professor
    Dr. Noha E. 122137738Assistant Professor
    Ms. Maya 122137930Lecturer
    Ms. Marina 122137736Lecturer
    Mr. Sultan O. 122137908Technician
    Mr. Ajay 122137906Lecturer
    Mr. Azeem A. 122137978Fab Lab Technician
    Ms. Mirhan A. 122137740Lecturer
    Ms. Noora F. Al 122137918Assistant
    Ms. Rahaf O. 122137907Cinematic Arts Assistant
    Ms. Wed O. 122137739Design Department Assistant
    Ms. Lama 122137939Architecture Assistant