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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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Effat College of Business

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To be recognized nationally and internationally as a school of reference in business education and to actively support the socio-economic growth of the Kingdom through innovation, excellence, professionalism and the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit.


To maintain academic excellence, offer a comprehensive learning experience, create and disseminate impactful knowledge and intellectual contributions in order to qualify innovative business leaders, creative entrepreneurs and distinguished scholars who will effectively contribute to the socio-economic growth of the Kingdom.


  1.  Strengthen the College of Business reputation nationally and internationally through its impact and contribution to the prosperity of education, economy and society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2.  Cultivate a dynamic and collaborative work environment through an effective and an inspiring leadership that promotes integrity in managing all the college activities.
  3.  Position the College of Business to be recognized among the top ranked business schools nationally and regionally through rigorous and effective quality processes and procedures that meet the national and international standards.
  4.  Offer an exceptional teaching and learning experience through the creation of innovative business programs and professional certifications and the implementation of a comprehensive teaching model responsive to the new socio-economic challenges.
  5.  Engage in a holistic development of high quality students and graduates who qualify to become true ambassadors of the college and will be distinguished by their entrepreneurial mindset.
  6.  Emphasize the integration of state-of-the-art learning resources and services in all academic programs and promote their effective use among faculty and students in support of teaching and learning and research activities.
  7.  Effectively manage the College of Business's facilities and equipment and optimize their use.
  8.  Achieve and sustain Financial Stability and strength to enhance the University's competitive position.
  9.  Maintain and enhance efforts to recruit, nurture, and retain a diverse faculty and staff in order to make the Effat community a place of choice.
  10. Cultivate a research environment that supports faculty and students in their endeavor to engage in high quality and impactful research activities aligned with the country research priorities.
  11. Enlarge the socio-economic impact of the College and reinforce its reputation through meaningful national and international collaborations with the industry and the community in large.  


    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Samar Saber Khanskkhan@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137810Assistant Professor & Dean of College of Business
    Dr. Malak M. Abunarmabunar@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137525Assistant Professor & Dean of Student Affairs
    Dr. Manzar Ahmedmahmed@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137824Assistant Professor & Chair of Marketing Department
    Dr. Uzma Javedujaved@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137817Assistant Professor, Chair of Human Resources Managment Department
    Dr. Tahar Tayachittayachi@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137832Assistant Professor & Chair of Finance Dept & Director of MIFM
    Dr. Yosra M. Hamasymhamas@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137842Assistant Professor & Chair For Entrepreneurship Dept
    Hafid Agourram, Ph.Dhagourram@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137823Professor, Director of Institutional Assessment & Development
    Dr. Ahmed Attiaahattia@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137839Associate Professor & Director of Quality Assessment
    Dr. Muhammad Khanmkhan@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137829Associate Professor & Director for the Business Innovation & ERC
    Dr. Hesham Mugharbilhmugharbil@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137831Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Executive Business Center
    Dr. Nabil Tarifintarifi@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137828Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Department
    Dr. Rozina Shaheenroshaheen@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137826Assistant Professor, Finance Dept
    Dr. Jamaladeen Faleeljfaleel@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137835Assistant Professor, Finance Dept.
    Dr. Shabbir Ahmadaahmad@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137836Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Research Editing Unit
    Dr. Shabir A. Hakimshhakim@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137845Assistant Professor, Finance Dept.
    Dr. Hanen Charnihcharni@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137821Assistant Professor, Marketing Dept
    Dr. Saima Khansakhan@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137812Assistant Professor, Marketing Dept.
    Dr. Marwan M. Linggamolingga@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137819Assistant Professor, Operation and Information Management Dept
    Dr. Abdulaziz T. Almaktoom, CSCAabalmaktoom@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137827Assistant Professor, OPIM Dept.
    Dr. Bayan O. Alshabanibaalshabani@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122328002Assistant Professor, HRM Dept & Coordinator of Legal Affairs
    Mohammed Al-Haddarmalhaddar@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137838Lecturer & Executive Business Center
    Fawad A. Rana Muhammadfamuhammad@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137822Assistant Professor, Human Resources Department
    Mr. Muhammad F. Malikmmalik@effatuniversity.edu.sa+966 122137840Instructor & Coordinator for Graduate Studies
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