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Human Resources Management

Key Fact
  • Program name
    Human Resources Management
  • Program code
  • Chair of the Program
    Dr. Uzma Javed
  • Program length
    4 years
  • Credit hours

 About the Program


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources Management program provides an in-depth study of the major concepts and tools in the theory and application of modern human resources techniques, with an emphasis in issues unique to the Middle East.

Strong HR Management is often at the core of a successful business. Throughout your BSc Human Resources degree at Effat University, you'll learn how to support both the company you work for and the people that drive it through training and development, performance appraisal and reward management, as well as learning how to handle other essential responsibilities like hiring and staffing.

We have developed the HR Management undergraduate degree program to not only prepare students for their first job, but also for a full career in HR to make significant contributions that will benefit their families, personal relationships and the wider society.


The HR Management degree curriculum will develop your ability to think critically through project-based language learning, learn about social and moral values in Islam, and look at factors that can affect physical and environmental wellbeing in the workplace. Other modules will take a more statistical approach, making sure you're well-versed in mathematics, financial accounting, and economics and ensuring you're both confident and competent when it comes to undertaking your administrative duties.

You'll study principles of marketing and management and business communication that contribute to the seamless day-to-day running of a business, alongside the implementation of recruitment, training and development strategies. In your final year, you'll delve further into strategic management and leadership, and learn about social responsibility and how business can impact wider society.

Students who complete the programme will have a comprehensive knowledge of current research and future trends relating to Human Resources Management, and a thorough understanding of the concepts, models, frameworks and tools that will help you implement an effective internal structure and maximise efficiency.​

You'll also have developed the ability to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge and practical experience to identify problems and opportunities within the day-to-day running of the business.

 Vision, mission, and Goals


The vision of HRM program is to be a world-class program that contributes to the growth of HR management and research nationally and internationally at different levels. It aims to provide knowledge and skills for the coming generation of leaders in the HR field.


To nurture tomorrow’s ethically and socially responsible HR leaders through carefully constructed multifaceted curriculum, high impact research, and community engagement to contribute to the growth of kingdom.


  1. Enhance the reputation of HRM Program nationally and internationally through its impact on the educational and socio-economic growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Maintain a progressive work environment through effective leadership and good governance.
  3. To enhance the department’s quality measures to maintain the national accreditation and gain the international accreditation.
  4. Launch new academic programs in HRM while sustaining the academic excellence.
  5. Attract, enroll and retain high quality students and prepare them as ambassadors for life.
  6. Continue to provide innovative learning resources and promote their effective use among faculty and students in support of teaching, learning, and research activities.
  7. To optimize and effectively utilize all the facilities and equipment available to the HRM program.
  8. To maintain and enhance HRM department’s financial position.
  9. To recruit and retain quality faculty, researchers and staff and further support their professional development.
  10. To increase quality research output and encourage scholarly activities in HRM department consistent with KSA’s research priorities.
  11. To enhance engagement with community to expand its socio-economic impact.​

 Learning Outcomes


  • Develop a strong foundation in the liberal arts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of all functional areas of business, and the legal and ethical practices in organizations.
  • Describe the concepts, models, frameworks and tools for understanding human resources management functions.
  • Describe the functional areas of human resources management.

Cognitive Skills 

  • Solve business problems using theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
  • Critically evaluate opportunities, solve human resources and management problems.
  • Analyze group and individual dynamics in organizations.
  • Evaluate HR and general management issues for strategic decision-making in organizations

Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

  • Demonstrate interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.
  • Apply ethical, social skills and abide by legal responsibilities in HR and management practice.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills.

Communication, IT and Numeracy Skills

  • Use various managerial decision-making tools.
  • Communicate business ideas effectively through speaking, writing, and listening.
  • Utilize IT in analyzing and reporting business information.

 Career Opportunities

​Upon the completion of your degree in Human Resources Management at Effat University, you'll understand how to motivate the people you work with and help them to see the best in themselves. You'll be driven by a desire to help others excel in their careers and have the natural ability to develop a strong rapport based on emotional understanding. Additionally, you'll be well-versed in health and safety protocol and be able to spot potential hazards.​​

These qualities are not just critical in HR Management; previous Human Resources Management graduates have also developed successful careers as Recruitment Consultants, Learning & Development Managers and Employee Safety & Wellness Executives.​

  • ​HR Manager/Executive/Officer
  • Recruitment Manager/Executive
  • Learning & Development Manager/Executive
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager/Executive
  • Strategic HR Consultant
  • HRIS manager/Executive
  • Employee Safety and Wellness Manager/Executive
  • Organizational Development Specialist
  • Industrial and Labor Relations Officer

 Graduation Requirements

  • General Education Requirements:​ 42
  • Core Requirements: 51
  • Technical Requirements: 15
  • Technical Elective Requirements: 6
  • Business Elective Requirements: 6
  • Free Elective Requirements: 6
  • Supervised Internship: 3
  • Total: 129​​​​

 Program Plan

Human Resources Managment Program Plan (PDF)​​​
Foundation Year

Semester 1 – Foundation 1

Semester 2 – Foundation 2

Co​urse Code

Co​urse Title

Credit Hours

Co​urse Code

Co​urse Title

Credit Hours

LANG 011 Reading & Critical Thinking-I 3 LANG 012 Reading & Critical Thinking-II 3
LANG 013 Academic Writing - I 3 LANG 014 Academic Writing - II 3
LANG 015 Listening  and Speaking - I 3 LANG 016 Listening  and Speaking - II 3
SSKL 021 Independent Learning & Research Skills - I 2 SSKL 022 Independent Learning & Research Skills - II 2
BUS 051 Introduction to Business - I 3 BUS 054 Concept & Terminology in Business - II 3
BUS 055 Case Studies in Business - I 2 BUS 056 Case Studies in Business - II 2
MATH 041 Basic Math - I 3 MATH 042  Basic Math - II 3
CL 031 Computer Literacy 0 IL 032 Information Literacy 0

Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


Freshman Year

Year 1 – Semester 1

Year 1 – Semester 2

Information, Media & Technology 3 ACCT 140 Financial Accounting 3
Pre-Calculus 3 MATH 160 Mathematics for Management – Applied Calculus 3

Scientific Literacy Requirement 3 GSTA 140 Elementary Statistics 3
GENG161 Project Based Language Learning & Critical Thinking 2
Linguistic Communication (English) 2
GISL 171 Social and Moral Values in Islam 2
Islamic Thought and Ethics Requirement II 2

Linguistic Communication (Arabic) 3
Physical and Environmental Wellbeing 2

Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


Sophomore Year

Year 2 – Semester 3

Year 2– Semester 4

ACCT 240 Managerial Accounting 3 MKT 210 Principles of Marketing 3
ECON 270 Microeconomics 3 ECON 271 Macroeconomics 3
OPIM 230 Decision Sciences 3
Islamic Thought and Ethics Requirement III 2
MGT 220 Principles of Management 3 MGT 223 Business Communication 3

Cultural Literacy Requirement 3  FIN 240 Finance 3

  Linguistic Communication (Foreign Languages I) 2

Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


Junior Year

Year 3 – Semester 5

Year 3– Semester 6

MGT 325 Business Legal Environment 3 MGT 326 Organizational Behavior 3
OPIM 330 Operations Management 3 HRM 361 Recruitment, Placement and Staffing 3
OPIM 338 Enterprise IT Systems 3  HRM 362 Employee Training and Development 3
HRM 360 Human Resources Management 3 GSEM200 Interdisciplinary Seminar and Research 3
  Business Elective I 3   Global Awareness Requirement 3
  Linguistic Communication (Foreign Languages II) 2   Civic Engagement 2

Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


Summer Session
HRM 480 Supervised Internship in HRM 3  
Senior Year

Year 4– Semester 7

Year 4– Semester 8

MGT 427 Strategic Management 3 MGT 428 Business Social Responsibility 3
HRM 461 Compensation and Benefits Management 3 HRM 462 Leadership and Power 3
  HRM Elective  I 3   HRM Elective  II 3
  Business Elective II 3 MGT 490 Research Project 3
  Free Elective I 3   Free Elective II 3

Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


 Fact Sheet

High-School Percentage
Science Section
Art Section
Qudurat *(SAT)
Math Level *DTMS
Part 1 - 2
512, 612
Effat Placement Tests
TOEFL (525) - TWE (5)
Additional Department Requirement
Personal Statement
Contact Information
Program Chair
Tel.+966 122137817
Tel.+966 122137811 

    Program Accreditations and Partnerships

    Our qualifications are recognised globally, so you can study safe in the knowledge that wherever your path may lead, you have the whole wide world to choose from.


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