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    • https://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/English/Research/Pages/default.aspx, A researcherhttps://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/Arabic/Research/pages/default.aspx, باحث
      A researcher
    • https://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/English/Academics/Undergraduate/, An undergraduatehttps://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/Arabic/Academics/Undergraduate/, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    • https://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/English/Academics/Graduate/, A graduatehttps://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/Arabic/Academics/Graduate/, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Effat Profile

​Effat University is the first private institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia. The queen Effat Al-Thunayan, wife of late King Faisal, established it in 1999. Effat University offers 13 different programs of academic degrees, and has more than three​ ​thousand students in the bachelors programs, and 60 within the graduate students, and about 185 faculty members. In addition, the university established strong relationships and agreements with a number of global institutions and universities. Furthermore, most of the programs are offered for the first time for females in Saudi Arabia.

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Effat University, Qasr Khuzam Street, Old Makkah Road
P.O.Box 34689 Jeddah 21478
Saudi Arabia


1. College of Science & Humanities:
  • Bachelors of English & Translation
  • Bachelors of Psychology.
  • Masters of Science in Translation Studies.
2. College of Business:
  • Bachelors of Entrepreneurship.
  • Bachelors of Operations & Information Management.
  • Bachelors of Human Resources Management.
  • Bachelors of Finance.
  • Bachelors of Marketing.
  • Masters in Islamic Financial Management.
3. College of Engineering:
  • Bachelors of Electrical & Computer Engineering.
  • Bachelors of Computer Science.
  • Bachelors of Information Systems.
4. College of Architecture & Design:
  • Bachelors of Architecture.
  • Bachelors of Visual & Digital Production.
  • Bachelors of Design.
  • Masters of Science in Urban design
Social and educational development & enrichment programs carried out by the University and its colleges:
3 Main Annual Educational Conferences:
Islamic Finance Conference
Learning & Tecchnology Conference
English & Translation Conference

Open Day

Students, their families, and those who are interested in joining the University are welcomed on that day to learn about the specialties available.

Academic and Supportive Centers
There are four supportive centers to help students in their journey of studying and academic and enable them achieve their goals. These centers offer workshops and counseling on a regular basis throughout the semester targeting students at all academic levels. Academic and supportive centers also work with academic departments to guide and advise students who are on probation or warning.
These centers are:​
  • The Center For Communication And Rhetoric
    To assist, encourage, and develop each student’s confidence in their public speaking skills.
  • The Independent Learning Center 
    The ILC fosters skills that contribute to students’ abilities to increase their independence in learning and develop confidence toward their studies. The programs offered by the ILC contribute to the overall academic, professional, and personal growth of all students.
  • Career Development Office 
    The career development office aims to help Effat university students and alumnae to become leaders of the future and be exceptional professionals by developing and enhancing their personal and professional skills.
  • Center of Excellence in Writing and Speaking
    The CEWS facilitates the best technological software and programs to develop students' writing and speaking skills. The programs offered by the CEWS contribute to the overall academic, professional, and personal growth of all students.

Program at the Enhancement Centers

The Effat Ambassadors Program: A unique program that equips Effat students with the skills, experiences and attitudes necessary for intellectual, social, moral, physical and professional development.
The Educational Support Program: It aims to facilitate students' successful progress in their academic courses by helping them develop the academic and personal skills needed for a successful and timely graduation.

Extracurricular Activities & Programs

Extracurricular activities and programs provide students at Effat University complete approach to education, which provides them with an opportunity to develop through the "IQRA" values; Lifelong Research, Ethical Social & Educational Values, Responsible & Creative Leadership, Effective Communication & Outreach - which will help the students to develop their skills of personal, social, academic and professional. These aspects that lead to the enhancement of skills and competencies required in Effat University graduates.
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