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Effat Profile


Effat University Brief

Effat University, located at the heart of the vibrant city of Jeddah, and its the first private institution of higher education in Saudi Arabia, and was established by Queen Effat Al-Thunayan, wife of late King Faisal, in 1999. Effat University is a fully accredited non-profit university which provides quality education at international standards. Operating under the umbrella of King Faisal Foundation, the University offers rigorous educational graduate and undergraduate programs conducive to lifelong learning within four colleges; Effat College of Science & Humanities, Effat College of Engineering, Effat College of Business, and Effat College of Architecture and Design. At Effat, our students are inspired and motivated to gain a true passion for advancement in a place where academic programs are innovative and stimulating. Our worldwide academic partnerships with universities such as Georgetown, Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Auburn, Tisch School,and Tokai bring new perspectives to our programs. Furthermore, the Ambassador’s Program –co-curricular activities and experiences- open up new horizons for our students.

Contact Information

Number: 920003331


Effat University, Qasr Khuzam Street, Old Makkah Road
P.O.Box 34689 Jeddah 21478
Saudi Arabia

Effat University Colleges

1. Effat College of Humanities

Research Centers:

The University recently established four research centers, which bring together researchers from different fields to collaborate in building and expanding the knowledge base to design and develop future value in Saudi Arabia. There are 4 research centers:

  • Smart Buildings Research Center (SBRC):

    The main aim of the smart building research center is investigate use of innovative and smart platform technologies integrated with a plethora of intelligent building components.

  • Virtual Reality Research Center (VRRC):

    The VR Center performs research and provides state-of-the-art technology related to Virtual Reality Modelling and Simulation to serve both the global research community and the local community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • E-Arabization Research Center (E-ARC):

    Some of the fields E-Arabization research center focuses on are: Arabic Corpus and dictionaries, online support for Arabic, software applications in Arabic ranging from business solutions to personal mobile applications.

  • Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center (BIERC):

    The Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center aims to serve the Vision 2030 and cater to the requirements of in house and outside first stage entrepreneurs.

Social and Educational Development & Enrichment Programs:

1. Five Main Annual Academic Conferences:

  • Islamic Finance International Conference
  • Learning & Technology International Conference
  • English & Translation International Conference
  • Architecture and Design International Conference
  • Psychology International Conference

2. Enhancement Programs & Centers:

The Enhancement Programs and Centers at Effat University provide guidance and support to all students throughout their academic journey and empower them with the skills needed to achieve their goals.
The services provided by this unit include educational support sessions, success workshops, tutoring, and academic coaching for the student's enrolled at all academic levels. These centers are:

  • The Center for Communication and Rhetoric (CCR):

    CCR aims to enhance interpersonal communication skills and leadership skills by developing abilities to express opinions clearly and persuasively.

  • The Independent Learning Center (ILC):

    ILC aims to enhance students' academic performance by developing critical skills to help them understand and improve their learning process.

  • Educational Support Program (ESP):

    Students admitted to any undergraduate program at Effat University are eligible for taking the ESP program based on decisions of their Department Council and College Council. Students who successfully complete the ESP should be able to reintegrate to their program with improved skills and increase their GPA in order to satisfy Effat GPA graduation requirements.

  • Center of Excellence in Writing and Speaking (CEWS):

    CEWS aims to enhance all students' academic English skills including writing, speaking, listening and reading.

3. Effat Ambassadors Program

A unique program that equips Effat students with the skills, experiences, and attitudes necessary for intellectual, social, moral, physical, and professional development.

4. Career Development Office (CDO)

The Career Development Office aims to help Effat University students become leaders of the future and exceptional career women by developing and enhancing their personal and professional skills. We support the University in building confident, talented, and versatile graduates by delivering high-quality guidance, information, career education, internship placements, and recruitment services.

5. Extracurricular Activities & Programs

Extracurricular activities and programs provide students at Effat University a complete approach to education, which allows them to develop through the "IQRA" values; Lifelong Research, Ethical Social & Educational Values, Responsible & Creative Leadership, Effective Communication & Outreach - which will help the students to develop their skills of personal, social, academic and professional. These aspects enhance the skills and competencies required of Effat University graduates.