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Entrepreneurship Scientific Chair

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To become catalyst for economic growth, SME development and employment generation in the Kingdom by transforming into a leading institution for entrepreneurship capacity building, research and academic publishing, SME networking and consultancy in MENA region.


In keeping with the legacy of Queen Effat of serving the community in ways that support the university vision of educating and mentoring leaders of tomorrow and enable them to pursue creative opportunities for a rewarding and successful life:
The mission of the chair is to prepare entrepreneurs to contribute to their own and others’ business success. The chair will endeavor to make sure that the next generation of entrepreneurs is amply equipped with leadership and business skills, knowledge of developments in the field and the ethical and moral foundation they need to succeed. The chair will actively engage and encourage entrepreneurship as the source and strategy for assisting in economic growth, community development and economically independent individuals. The chair will cultivate and inculcate entrepreneurial aspiration among in- and off-campus communities with the aim to produce entrepreneurial society capable of generating wealth and employment in the Kingdom.


In order to achieve the objectives, which are generating economic activity in the region and increasing the awareness of the entrepreneurship, specific, measurable, achievable and timed goals have been set for the chair to accomplish in the first three years of its operation. These goals are based on the availability of funds and other resources. These include the following:

  1. In the first three years after establishing the soft skills and business development incubator, assist at-least 20 potential entrepreneurs through training, coaching and mentoring to start their businesses. After that, every year 10 entrepreneurial trainings and incubations are estimated.
  2. Identify at-least 60 potential businesses in the Kingdom in first year and thereafter 25 every year. Prepare and disseminate 20 pre-feasibility studies of feasible projects in the Kingdom and thereafter 25 every year
  3.  In the first three years develop and concrete 04 links with the outside organizations, including educational institutions, Government and non-government organizations.
  4. ​Prepare and conduct 1 workshops and seminars every year in the field of entrepreneurship
  5. Carry out and submit 3 scholarly contributions each year to well-known
  6. Organize first entrepreneurship conference every year
  7. Publish first entrepreneurship journal in the year
  8. Develop and groom 10 Effat student and alumni through involvement in research and training activities
  9. Participate in at-least 1 international entrepreneurship conference every year
  10. Assist the consulting clients developed by RCI.
  11. Develop resources and launch Entrepreneurship at Effat Portal