Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

Facilities Rental

​​​​​​​A number of locations on Effat campus are designated for solicitation. These locations may include but not limited to: Gate 3, Gate 4, Student Affairs Building, Effat English Academy, Restaurant, College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Humanities, Residence, and Sports area​, Architecture, Administration Building and Effat Hall.

Solicitation Procedures for Off-campus Clients

  1. The University allows some access to campus by non-University organizations for the purpose of commercial promotion and sales. 

  2. The University retains the exclusive right to determine the appropriateness of the commercial sales activity or product. 

  3. Commercial sales will be conducted at designated sales locations according to the procedures described in Effat Internal Advertising Policy. 

  4. The University retains the exclusive right to determine the charge assessed for commercial sales that are referenced below.

  5. The University has delegated to the Communication & Public Relations (C&PR) the authority to approve commercial sales, designate the sales location, and determine the appropriate charge.

  6. It is understood that the University provides goods and services to the campus community.  Commercial sales activities by non-university organizations that substantially compete with University managed, owned or operated services, or which are prohibited by contract, will not be permitted. 

  7. The Director of C&PR, or designee, will review requests for use of space on campus and determine whether the requested activity is in direct and substantial competition with existing campus entities. 

  8. Advertising may take place only at approved locations during agreed upon dates/times. 

  9. Space rental does not guarantee advertising privileges. Advertisement space/privileges are negotiated during rental process, either as part of space rental or as a fixed advertising package.

  10. Advertisements and/or posters will not be allowed outside of designated areas.

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