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Cities Of The Future: Challenges And Opportunities

The 6th International Memaryat Conference

Cities Of The Future: Challenges And Opportunities

9-10th February 2022
8-9 Ragab, 1443 H​

Effat University, Jeddah, KSA​​

Cities are where ideas form, where innovation glows, and where economic growth largely stems. They are where most of people live and are also where significant risks can emerge as well as where challenges can be magnified. At the age of urban digitiztion, new and complex issues are emerging, and today's cities are likely on the cusp of the largest global social and economic transformation to date. Facing the compelling challenges of the unprecedented rates of urban expansions, it becomes inevitable to adopt a shared responsibility to create healthier, more accessible and intelligent cities to better use human resources, promote needs, capacities, and advance a decent quality of life.

This conference seeks to address the key manifestation of “future cities" to embrace novel approaches and grounded technologies in the pursue of a vision for smart inclusive cities.

The 6th International Conference provides a platform for diverse contributions from academics and practitioners to present their different perspectives through research, seminars, workshops and roundtables. The conference will bring together decision-makers, architects, urban planners, urban designers, entrepreneurs, educators, agencies, and top keynote speakers to stimulate discussion covering the latest on the challenges and opportunities for better future cities in the different domains of architecture, building science and technology, environmental design, mobility & infrastructure, urban design & landscape, housing & real estate developments, urban planning, governance, socio-cultural & economic development, community engagement, tourism and heritage revitalization.

Join us and explore new collaboration opportunities, cultivate your social and knowledge networks, and compliment your core experience! ​