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Conference on the Humanities​​

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​Call for Papers​​

Effat College of Humanities at Effat University invites the s​​ubmission of papers for its Second International Conference on the Humanities​​

 Fostering Cultural Identity: Navigating Human Legacies

تعزيز الهوية الثقافية: استكشاف الإرث الإنساني

November 25th, 2024

Effat University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In an era marked by constant industrial and technological transformations, the promotion of heritage stands as a path forward for sustaining our legacy, culture and identity. Effat College of Humanities therefore proudly announces its Second International Conference on the Humanities, themed ‘Fostering Cultural Identity: Navigating Human Legacies.’ Scheduled for November 25, 2024, at Effat University in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this gathering is designed to invoke a rich discourse among varied scholars, practitioners, enthusiasts, cultural advocates, and policymakers, who will explore transformative strategies for the stewardship and revitalization of cultural legacies in contemporary societies. 

The conference aims to forge a multidisciplinary nexus, bringing together the vibrant spectrums of the humanities and liberal arts to explore pioneering approaches in sustaining and enriching cultural legacies. Through a series of exciting cultural lineups and thought-provoking paper sessions, participants will engage with social, cultural and academic advancements as well as cutting-edge research that challenge conventional boundaries and propose novel methodologies for cultural preservation. Join us as we navigate the complex landscapes of cultural identity and heritage, fostering a discourse that is both enriching and essential for the continuity of human legacies.​