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Code of Ethical Conduct (TARBAWYYAT)

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Since its establishment in 1999, Effat University's values have fostered stewardship, respect, care and attention for all its constituents. Our commitment to integrity, honesty and fairness in our operations - of which teaching, research and service to the community are considered an asset - has set us apart nationally and internationally as an institution seeking excellence in all its endeavours.

Drafting this holistic Code of Ethical Conduct is a crucial step towards the development of Effat University. Our mission is to advocate ethical conduct in the management of our academic, research and community service activities, as well as interactions with our stakeholders. Effat designated eight fundamental pillars that constitute its code of ethical conduct and named them 'Tarbawyyat Effat'. These pillars are regulatory measures and crucial to the University's progress as it competes for academic excellence in today's highly competitive higher-education environment.​

First Pillar: تقوى (Ţaqwã) Piety

Second Pillar: آداب (Ādab) Knowledge, Manners and Outreach

Third Pillar: رعاية (Ri'ayya) Nurturi​ng

Fourth Pillar: بنيان مرصوص (Bunyan Marsūs) Cooperation and Collaboration

Fifth Pillar: وسطية (Wasaţya) Tolerance and Moderation

Sixth Pillar: يسر (Yusr) Modesty and Ease

Seventh Pillar: أمانة (Amanah) Ethics and Integrity

Eighth Pillar: توجيه (Tawğyh) Guidance​​​​​​

Tarbwyyat Effat