Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Campus Profile

​​Effat University Campus Profile 2020-2021

Campus land area and capacity
82,000 sq. m (882,189 sq.ft.)
Air conditioned space 89,595 sq. m  (963,899 sq.ft.)
Number  of classrooms and capacity79  (2,550 students)
Number of Studios and capacity42 (984 students)
Number of specialized computer labs and capacity48 (812 students)
Number of science labs and capacity
3 ( 60 students)
Library area6,986 sq. m (75,158 sq.ft.) / 800 seats
Mosque capacity 100 persons
Effat Hall seating capacity700 seats
Restaurant capacity800 seats
COB building floor area 5,377 sq. m. (57,848 sq.ft.)
Lecture Hall7 halls with 1240 capacity
COE building floor area 9,943 sq. m. (106,971 sq.ft.)
COAD building floor area 3,584 sq. m. (38,558 sq.ft.)
A&R and Governance Building14,405 sq.m (154,975 sq.ft.)
COSH building floor area 5,080 sq. m. (54,653 sq.ft.)
Research Centers area and capacity
1,445 sq. m. (15,545 sq.ft) /90 students
Gates area and capacity ( students gates)779 sq. m. (8,380 sq.ft.) / 170 students per minute
Number of Single offices – Admin and capacity 176/176
Number of Single office – faculty and capacity223/223
Number of Shared offices – admin and capacity20/59
Number of Shared offices – Faculty and capacity22/42
Sport Facilities
Indoor swimming pool500 cubic meter / 25m x 12.5m
Indoor gymnasium size and capacity 150 sq meters / 25 persons
Indoor basketball court size and capacity970 sq meters  / 200 persons
Indoor Jogging/running track size 70 meters per lap
Student – single bedrooms and capacity 27/27
Student double bedrooms and capacity34/68
Student – suite bedroom and capacity24/24
University Residence - Bachelor Suites36
University Residence - Family Suites15

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