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President Message

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On behalf of Effat University faculty, administration, and staff, I welcome you to our campus, your home for the next few years. I am very happy to become acquainted with you and to help you succeed in your educational journey. In the coming weeks and months, I plan to meet as many of you as possible to learn  about your dreams and aspirations , as well as your concerns and needs, so that together we can  support our core mission of fostering education, research and creativity for the benefit of humanity. Effat’s impact is truly inspiring, and I cannot wait to support you in all that you will do next.


As I plan to learn from all of you, I hope you will also take time to continue to learn from each other. As we all know, education within a university is not just about what happens in the classroom. Our entire community benefits from our diverse life experiences, which enrich both our life on campus and our ability to contribute to the world beyond Effat. This is the ideal place to share and discuss ideas and perspectives in mutual understanding and respect.


In the fast changing global economic environment, Effat University strives to bring global perspectives to all its programs and activities. The University has global alliances with highly reputed academic organizations. We believe in preparing global leaders who believe in contributing to the national and global economy and civil society. Our faculty are not only highly qualified,  they have a global perspective which is infused in the all the curricula, not just at the undergraduate level, but also the programs supporting the community, the masters programs and even the soon to be introduced PhD in Business.


While we face challenges, there is also much to celebrate. In the past few weeks,  we have welcomed new graduate and undergraduate students, new faculty and staff members, who all bring fresh energy and perspectives to the campus. We are continuing to develop and improve the campus buildings. Soon we will open the new the new admission and registration building. We will celebrate its opening soon.


So let us join hands, and work, study and play together to make Effat University ever better!

I am filled with optimism about the strength of our community, the path of our university and the opportunity we have to magnify our impact on the world. You will hear more from me before long, and I hope to see you around campus—in your offices and laboratories, at performances, presentations and other gatherings … and while ch​eering on our Effat ambassadors!


Dr. Haifa Jamal AlLail

President of Effat University

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