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    •, Undergraduate, البكالوريوس
    •, Graduate, الدراسات العليا
​Effat University is the living legacy of HRH Queen Effat AlThunayan. For the past sixteen years, the University made every effort possible to achieve academic excellence. This success would not have been possible without the dedication of our boards of Founders and Trustees, the leadership of our President, the enthusiasm of our faculty, the attentiveness of our staff and aspiration of our dear students.
The University has been successfully progressing towards achieving its mission: “To qualify tomorrow’s competitive leaders with a world-class education by providing an interdisciplinary environment conducive to research, community service, and life-long learning.”
In its efforts to achieve the mission and since its inception in 1999, the University has committed to offering unique world-class programs at international standards that cater to the market needs, and graduating global citizens who contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of Saudi Arabia and world at large. But first and foremost, the University has made it its priority to offer programs that specifically support females in the Saudi job market. For example, Effat University recently launched two undergraduate programs and one graduate program unique to female education in the Kingdom: Visual and Digital Production (VDP) in 2013, Design (DESN) in 2014, and Masters in Translation Studies (MTS) in 2015. With these 3 additions, the number of academic programs at Effat University reaches a total of 16 programs 13 of which are undergraduate programs and 3 graduate programs. More programs including a PhD program are currently being developed and will be launched soon.
We are proud of our more than 800 graduates with a Bachelor Degree and 24 graduates with a Masters Degree who are making significant contributions to the society; our more than 3,000 students who aspire to become tomorrow’s leaders, and; our international body of teaching staff (over 160 faculty members from 25 different countries) who dedicate time and effort to educating and guiding the next generation of female leaders in Saudi Arabia. We are equally proud of our 14 international partner institutions of the world’s best in higher education. Our partnerships don’t only bring the global perspective to our programs, but also provide sustainable environments for academic and scientific exchange between faculty and students.
Effat University received the full accreditation of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in 2010. International accreditation is our focus for the two years 2015-2017.
At Effat, we build our success! Our goal in the current Strategic Plan 2012-2017 is to take our academic excellence a step forward towards academic leadership, while maintaining our four IQRA Core Values - the core pillars of our future. Four general Characteristics of Effat University graduates were determined based on the IQRA core values:

Ibhath                    Professional Skills                       المتقنة
(Life-Long Research)


Qiyam                    High Ethical Values                    المحسنة
(Ethical, Social, and Educational Values)


Riyada                    Stewardship                                الراعية                    
(Responsible and Creative Leadership)

At-Tawasul                    Ambassador                         السفيرة   
(Effective Communication and Reaching Out to Others)    
Effat Graduates Characteristics represent the overarching institutional student learning outcomes that should be demonstrated by all the students in all the academic programs. 2014-2015 academic year has been a remarkable year in achieving one of our goal to demonstrate academic excellence. Indeed, we have piloted and implemented successfully an overarching assessment strategy to evaluate the achievement of the intended learning outcomes at the course and program levels, as well as to assess the characteristics of Effat graduates. This project started in 2012 by piloting the assessment strategy on 4 courses and ended in 2015 by implementing the strategy on all courses and all programs. The strategy will be refined further in the coming 2 years. Moreover, since extra and co-curriculum activities are important components of student learning at Effat University, Effat Ambassador Program has been reviewed to contribute and support the development of Effat graduates characteristics. The program will be considered to enhance and refine the overarching assessment strategy to assess Effat graduates characteristics.
I invite you all to explore the details of our distinctive and world-class programs and join us in this exciting journey of academic excellence.