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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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​Academically renowned and internationally connected, Effat University is the first private institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia

Everything we do stems from Queen Effat's lifelong work and vision. She believed education should be holistic and go hand-in-hand with traditional Islamic values and respect for all human beings. She embraced liberal arts education, offered innovative ways of teaching well-established disciplines, encouraged offering new programs that give women unique educational opportunities, providing extra-curricular activities as part of developing a well-rounded education, understood the importance of keeping abreast of modern technological advances and of what could be learned from, and shared through, international partnerships. That's why we make sure our academic programs are innovative and stimulating, our worldwide partnerships – with universities, businesses and organizations – bring you new perspectives, and our extra- and co-curricular activities open up new horizons for you. As well as internationally recognized qualifications, your time at Effat will give you an unforgettably rich experience, from learning new skills to making great friends and discovering more about yourself as a person. We'll give you all the personal and academic support you'll need, plus lots of opportunities to gain practical knowledge and make a difference out in the wider community. And there'll still be plenty of time for relaxing and having fun. We have a half-Olympic-sized swimming pool, a restaurant and cafe, and a recently renovated Student Residence; all here to make your free time more enjoyable. We also pride ourselves on our modern facilities designed to help you study, including our brand-new, state-of-the-art library with media center, electronic classrooms, presentation rooms and large auditorium. With our many clubs and societies, you're bound to meet other students who share your interests – whether they lie in sport, film, charity work or simply in laying the foundations of your great future career.

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