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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate


Key Fact
  • Program name
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  • Chair of the Program
    Dr. Abdulaziz T. Almaktoom, CSCA
  • Program length
    4 years
  • Credit hours

 About the Program


In a constantly changing world, it's entrepreneurs who rise to the challenge of leading businesses. Our Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship will equip you with the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to lead and inspire businesses of all sizes in any sector.

The entrepreneur degree program focuses on business in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, but will teach you the universal entrepreneurial skills needed to organise and manage domestic, regional and global companies.

The course has been designed specifically for students interested in starting their own business, joining a small business, or working in a fast-growing, innovative business. ​


At the early years of your academic journey at Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, you will take General Education Program (GEP), attributed to the Liberal Arts – American style education. The (GEP) covers arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and technological studies to help you gain insight into varied critical learning skills, investigate essential branches of knowledge, and develop appreciation of diversity and change across time, culture, and national boundaries. ​

The Entrepreneurship Degree course at Effat University gives students the opportunity to focus their studies in an area that interests them by choosing from one of three concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Technological Entrepreneurship, or Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Students are also given the chance to explore the impact of globalisation and use of information technology on business and entrepreneurial endeavours.

You will study important principles of marketing and management, which will help you to evaluate and make smart contributions that will positively impact the daily running of a business. 

Additionally, you will develop an understanding of key elements of business communication and strategic management, helping you to critically analyse business problems, devise solutions and recognise business opportunities.

The entrepreneurship course covers important administrative responsibilities that will teach you to operate more efficiently, including managerial accounting and important legal aspects of business.

You'll also learn about business social responsibility and ethical behaviour within a business context, develop an understanding of how the business can make a positive contribution to wider society.​​​

 Vision, Mission, and Goals


The Entrepreneurship Program (ENTP) ​aims to be recognized, nationally and internationally, as the reference in building and nurturing an innovative entrepreneurial mind-set that will inspire its graduates to be the leaders of the future economical and societal changes in the Kingdom​. ​


The Entrepreneurship (ENTP) Program aims to provide world-class education through an integrated and contemporary curriculum, delivered by highly qualified and passionate faculty who will prepare graduates to effectively contribute to the Kingdom’s economic prosperity though a global, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.


  1. Lead and position the ENTP program as a national and international reference in the field of Entrepreneurship education that nurtures highly qualified leaders.
  2. Maintain a positive learning environment that promotes integrity and team spirit through effective and inspiring leadership while adhering to quality.
  3. Sustain academic excellence through innovative and distinctive education and the introduction of new academic programs.
  4. Attract and retain high quality students to the Entrepreneurship program.
  5. Hire, retain and support high profile researchers, faculty and staff to effectively manage and lead the program.
  6. Continue to provide innovative learning resources and promote their effective use among faculty and students in support of teaching, learning, and research activities.
  7. Support quality research and scholarly activities within the program and encourage collaborative and entrepreneurial initiatives in order to contribute to the Kingdom economic and cultural prosperity and the global scientific advancement.

 Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts, term, practices for entrepreneurial venture.
  • Describe the models, frameworks, and tools for the starting and functioning of a business venture.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of latest trends in the field of Entrepreneurship.​


  • Apply innovative skills though the creation of new ideas and strategies
  • Conduct research on Entrepreneurship issues in general through the collection, creation and analysis of data from a range of sources.
  • Critically analyses and evaluate entrepreneurial and managerial problems and recommend solutions.


  • Demonstrate project management skills in conducting independent or teamwork.
  • Demonstrate ability to create business models and feasibility studies.
  • Solve various dynamic business problems leading to gaining life-long learning skills.
  • Demonstrate ability to design a new business venture using professional and scholarly literature, research data and information resources.
  • Effective and creative use of IT and managerial decision-making support tools in analyzing, and reporting Entrepreneurship / business information.
  • Demonstrate personal, professional, and ethical competencies expected for good leadership
  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal competencies showing the capability of launching new ventures either as start-up businesses or within existing corporate structures.​​

 Career Opportunities

Previous students who graduated with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship at Effat University have gone on to work in various capacities within business-relate d environments.

Graduates will possess the capability to launch new ventures, either as a start-up businesses or within existing corporate structures, but there are plenty of other career opportunities in which they can apply their business management skills, such as business consultant roles.

Other common career routes for students who obtain a BSc Degree in Entrepreneurship include pitching-based roles such as sales representatives and account managers, as well as more marketing-oriented in which graduates can support the business through regular contribution of creative ideas and innovative thinking.

  • Business Entrepreneur;
  • Social Entrepreneur;
  • Entrepreneur / Corporate Entrepreneur;
  • Self-employed business woman;
  • Small/Medium Business manager;
  • Manager of Change and Development;
  • Business Awareness Training Centre-owner;
  • Enterprise Team Leader.
  • Entrepreneurship Coach and Trainer 
  • Research and Development ('R&D') Supervisor
  • Salesperson​

 Graduation Requirements

  • General Education Requirements: 42 hours
  • Business Core Requirements (College of Business Requirements): 54 hours
  • Major Requirements

    • ENTP Technical Required: 12 hours
    • Electives​: 9 hourse
  • ​Electives

    • Business Electives Required: 6 hours
    • Free Elective Required​: 6 hours
  • Supervised Internship​: 3 hours
  • Total: 132 hours​​​​

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