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    •, Undergraduate, البكالوريوس
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    Dr. Samar Khan
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    4 years
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 About the Program


The Department of Entrepreneurship at Effat University provides internationally recognized and acclaimed experiential and theoretical knowledge. Distinguished by an integrated and contemporary curriculum, the department is supported by a dedicated faculty who create an environment that enhances career opportunities for graduates.


Our mission is to place quality of learning and student success at the heart of our holistic teaching strategies. We ensure our graduates possess the technical skills and financial knowledge to enable them to innovate and lead the Saudi market. The adopted curriculum is research-driven, and developed and delivered by staff with the highest professional and academic qualifications.


In a constantly changing world, it’s entrepreneurs who rise to the challenge of leading businesses.
Our Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Entrepreneurship will equip you with the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to lead businesses of all sizes in any sector. The ENTP Program will teach you to organize and manage domestic, regional and global companies, but focuses on doing business here in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge​

    • ​Develop a strong foundation in the liberal arts to prepare for a future career.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of models and approaches to the starting and running of a business.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the functional areas of business enterprise.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills relating to the collection of information pertaining to entrepreneurship and related fields.

    Cognitive Skills

    • ​Demonstrate innovative skills through the creation of new ideas and strategies.
    • Critically analyze business problems, devise solutions and recognize business opportunities.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of how to analyze the domestic and global business environments.
    • Demonstrate the capability to launch new ventures, either as a start-up businesses or within existing corporate structures.

    Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

    • ​Work effectively in diverse teams to demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics in organizations.
    • Demonstrate ethical behavior, with an appreciation for the social and legal responsibilities of business.
    • Demonstrate responsible leadership by being a role model and a motivated team player.

    Communication, IT and Numeracy Skills

    • ​Effectively utilize information systems and technologies in communicating business ideas.
    • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in pursuing business transactions.
    • Demonstrate statistical and analytical skills that enable stakeholders to make sense of quantitative information being used in the decision-making process.
    • Apply numeracy skills in the analysis and interpretation of financial statements and reports.

    Psychomotor Skills

    • Demonstrate the enhancement of creativity, as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills to develop a product or service.​

 Career Opportunities

    • Entrepreneur – start your own business or be self-employed.
    • Corporate entrepreneur or intrapreneur – start working in an existing entrepreneurial enterprise or join the corporate world.
    • Business consultant – serve as a business consultant in any industry.
    • Sales – represent a company, manage accounts, and follow up on leads, or run the sales and marketing department.
    • Research and Development (R&D) – expand core business concepts, procedures, practices, and training and education.
    • Entrepreneurship coach  – train people from the community or corporate world on how to become self-employed or sustainable.
    • Small/Medium-sized business manager.
    • Manager of change and development.
    • Business awareness training center owner.
    • Enterprise team leader.​

 Graduation Requirements

General Education Requirements: 42
Core Requirements: 51
Technical Requirements: 12
Technical Elective Requirements: 6
Business Elective Requirements: 9
Free Elective Requirements: 6
Supervised Internships: 3
Total: 129​

 Program Plan

Foundation Year
Semester 1 – Foundation 1 Semester 2 – Foundation 2
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Code Course Title Hours
LANG 011 Reading & Critical Thinking-I 3 LANG 012 Reading & Critical Thinking-II 3
LANG 013 Academic Writing - I 3 LANG 014 Academic Writing - II 3
LANG 015 Listening  and Speaking - I 3 LANG 016 Listening  and Speaking - II 3
SSKL 021 Independent Learning & Research Skills - I 2 SSKL 022 Independent Learning & Research Skills - II 2
BUS 051 Introduction to Business - I 3 BUS 054 Concept & Terminology in Business - II 3
BUS 055 Case Studies in Business - I 2 BUS 056 Case Studies in Business - II 2
MATH 041 Basic Math - I 3 MATH 042  Basic Math - II 3
CL 031 Computer Literacy 0 IL 032 Information Literacy 0
Total Credit Hours 19 Total Credit Hours 19
Freshman Year
Year 1 – Semester 1 Year 1 – Semester 2
Information, Media & Technology 3 ACCT 140 Financial Accounting 3
GMTH 141B Pre-Calculus 3 MATH 160 Mathematics for Management – Applied Calculus 3
Scientific Literacy Requirement 3 GSTA 140 Elementary Statistics 3
GENG 161 Project Based Language Learning & Critical Thinking 2 Linguistic Communication (English) 2
GISL 171 Social and Moral Values in Islam 2 Islamic Thought and Ethics Requirement II 2
Linguistic Communication (Arabic) 3 Physical and Environmental Wellbeing 2
Total Credit Hours 16 Total Credit Hours 15
Sophomore Year
Year 2 - Semester 3 Year 2 - Semester 4
ACCT 240 Managerial Accounting 3 MKT 210 Principles of Marketing 3
ECON 270 Microeconomics 3 ECON 271 Macroeconomics 3
OPIM 230 Decision Sciences 3   Islamic Thought and Ethics Requirement III 2
MGT 220 Principles of Management 3 MGT 223 Business Communication 3
Cultural Literacy Requirement 3  FIN 240 Finance 3
  Linguistic Communication (Foreign Languages I) 2
Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 16
Junior Year
Year 3 - Semester 5 Year 3 - Semester 6
MGT 325 Business Legal Environment 3 MGT 326 Organizational Behavior 3
OPIM 330 Operations Management 3 ENTP 253 Creativity and Innovation 3
OPIM 338 Enterprise IT Systems 3   ENTP 350 Entrepreneurship 3
ENTP 252 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise 3 GSEM 200 Interdisciplinary Seminar and Research 3
  Business Elective I 3   Global Awareness Requirement 3
  Linguistic Communication (Foreign Languages II) 2   Civic Engagement 2
Total Credit Hours 17 Total Credit Hours 17
Summer Session
ENTP 480 Supervised Internship in ENTP 3  
Senior Year
Year 4 - Semester 7 Year 4 - Semester 8
MGT 427 Strategic Management 3 MGT 428 Business Social Responsibility 3
ENTP 353 Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures 3   ENTP Elective II 3
  ENTP  Elective  I 3   MKT Elective  III 3
  Business Elective II 3 MGT 490 Research Project 3
  Free Elective I 3   Free Elective II 3
Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 15​
Hi-School Percentage
Science Section
Art Section
Qudurat *(SAT)
Math Level *DTMS
1, 2
512, 612
Effat Placement Tests
Additional Department Requirement
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Contact Information
Dept. Chair
Tel.+966 122137821
Tel.+966 122137834 


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