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Project Summary

In order to foster entrepreneurship, the firm growth alone cannot explain because it is a multifarious, intricate and difficult to understand phenomenon and cannot be completed as standalone but needs support of numerous players in the economy. Stakeholders require a serious and cohesive action for growth and development of entrepreneurship. Complexity research tries to find applications in social and economic systems. The result is that in order to nurture startups, entrepreneurs and enterprise a number of players would play a part in their own right to assist the startup and later stage entrepreneurs. To read more about Ecosystem, please click here.

Ecosystem models

Please click here to check the ecosystem model as of Dec 31, 2016

Mapping Entrepreneurship Ecosystems of Saudi Arabia

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (2016):
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (2015):
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (2014):
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (2013):

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