Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Keynote Speakers

Architect Arch. Sumaya Dabbagh                                                                                                                        

Dabbagh Architects, United Arab Emirates

MIC-speaker1.jpgSumaya Dabbagh is the founder of Dabbagh Architects. She is a Saudi architect educated in the UK with diverse experience in architecture, interior design, and project management. Following an education at Bath University under the guidance of the late Peter Smithson and Sir Ted Happold, Dabbagh began her career in London and Paris in the early 90’s. Her return to the Gulf region in 1993 was part of a quest to gain a deeper understanding of her own identity, a unique mix of influences and sensitivity towards both western and Middle Eastern cultures. Through her work in architecture and design in the Gulf region Dabbagh’s quest to bridge the cultural and gender gaps continues. She was an instrumental part of the team who set up the RIBA Gulf chapter in 2009 and is currently the elected Chair for the RIBA Gulf Chapter.


Dr. Nasser Abdulhassan
Architect, founder and partner of AGI architecture - Kuwait

Nasser-Abdulhassan.jpgWith extensive experience and education, Abulhasan is driven by research in arid climates and interest in perception and light in architecture and design. A winner of many prestigious awards, his rich background has earned him widespread recognition. His work encompasses various aspects of architecture, communal design and urban planning. One of the Leading Firms in the ME.

Architect and Founder
ADEEM Consultancy

Specialized in appropriate architecture with application of Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) for several architecture projects and urban design related to local communities. Research and innovations in the field of architectural design that uses wall bearing structural systems with domes and vaults roofing while leading and conducting research on soil mixing design for earthen architecture. M. El Rafei is Nominated foe AghaKhan Awards for QUarinah Project Riyadh.

Dr. Mohammad H. Ghosheh

A historian specializing in Jerusalem and its Islamic architecture,


Encylopaedia Palestinnica which is the most extensive pictorial and documentary resource yet published on the history and culture of Palestine in the Ottoman period. This work is marking 500 years since the start of then Ottoman period in Jerusalem and Palestine, when Sultan Selim I entered Jerusalem at the end of 1516. Encyclopedia Palestinnica consists of 24 volumes of around 7,000 pages covering different cultural and historical aspects of Palestine from 1516 until 1918, including much unpublished information on the history and culture of Palestine.