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Message from the President of Effat University​

Dr Haifa Jamallail Profile ImageWelcome to Effat University journal on Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Currently the Kingdom is going through a huge transformation at economic and sustainable development arena through our coveted Vision 2030. The entrepreneurship and SME development is one of the fundamental dynamics of this vision. Effat University always strives to empower women of the kingdom by equipping them with tools necessary. I believe this journal will help and assist the young women in all aspects of their startup to a successful business venture with latest technologies and expert assistance. I would like to invite both local and international scholars and practitioners to contribute to our journey to realize the national goals for enriching the lives.

Dr. Haifa Reda Jamal Al Lail
President of Effat University

About MEJELSD Journal

MEJELSD is an academic journal published by Effat University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Its name stands for the (Middle East Journal of Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Sustainable Development). The journal publishes two issues every year which include work from academics and managers in various entrepreneurship fields. Research areas are wide with a focus on leadership, small and medium enterprises, and sustainable development. The main purpose of the journal is to disseminate information in the field of entrepreneurship, its latest trends and development, innovations, and activities.

Purpose of MEJELSD Journal

  1. To bring together the research community in the fields of concentration from Middle East
  2. To publish the scholarly work of the research community in the fields of concentration from Middle East and else where
  3. To also publish work researched in other parts of the world when the editorial board will be confident that this research will contribute to the understanding of the entrepreneurs based in the Middle East.
  4. To help and assist the academic and managerial community to learn and understand the developments in the fields of journal concentration in the Middle East

Dr. Uzma Javed
Dean of College of Business 

Dr. Muhammad Khan
Marketing Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department