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Reinventing the ARCHIDES through Humanization and Emerging Technologies

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​​​​​​The 2nd International Architecture and Design Conference, 2023​

(Previously: Memaryat Conference)

Man and Place 2:

Reinventing the ARCHIDES through
Humanization and Emerging Technologies
New Creative and Investment Perspectives

ما بين الأنسنة والتقنيات الحديثة: رؤى إبداعية جديدة في​ العمارة والتصميم

رؤى إبداعية واستثمارية جديدة في العمارة والتصميم​

12-14th November 2023
7-9th​​ Jum |,​ 1444 H​

Effat University, Jeddah, KSA​​

Emerging technologies associated with the fields of architecture, design, and construction promise to have a profound impact on educational, professional, and societal practices. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated a wide range of industries and is gradually but surely transforming the relationship between end users, architects, designers, and service providers. AI instruments and machine learning (ML) modules are generating a host of innovative technologies that could potentially change the course of human civilization.

Nanotechnology has created great opportunities for advancing building systems, design methods, and construction techniques. Potential applications in high-rise construction, reinforced concrete, insulation materials, and surface finishes have paved the way for a revolution in building sciences, interior design, and industrial product development. Significant technological advancements in sourcing, storing, and distributing renewable energy are also opening new horizons for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Architecture and design professions are front and center of such transformations and play a critical role in harnessing AI, ML, Nanoscience, and related digital innovations in energy modeling, parametric design, digital fabrication, BIM, 3D printing, robotics, and other ground-breaking approaches that revolutionize the static form-making process into generative and human-adaptive configurational modules. With the hope and hype engendered by emerging technologies and related digital applications, there is a commensurate and growing concern for their disruptive impact on societal conventions and human well-being. AI, ML, and other digital innovations can enhance the quality of life, provide new economic opportunities, heighten living standards, and precipitate different lifestyles and professional practices. They also create vulnerabilities related to the loss of jobs and income due to automation, confidentiality, and security of users' data, and the susceptibility to software bugs, malicious ware, hardware glitches, and dehumanized, machine-inspired living environments and products. Nanomaterials provide unlimited application possibilities in design and construction, but their ultra-fine particles create some health and environmental hazards. Renewable energy technologies are inevitable for environmental sustainability, but the footprint of wind turbines, photovoltaic farms, and biomass installations creates major challenges for built environments.

This conference seeks to address the impact of emerging technologies on creating novel approaches for the design and configuration of urban landscapes, buildings, interior spaces, and a wide range of products. The conference aims to provide a forum for debating the nexus between emerging technologies and the everlasting needs of human-sensitized environments and products that generate collaboration, equity, and healthy citizen engagement. The 2nd ARCH and DESN International Conference invites contributions from academics and practitioners through presentations, seminars, research papers, workshops, and roundtables. It will bring together decision-makers, architects, interior designers, product designers, urban planners, urban designers, entrepreneurs, educators, agencies, and top keynote speakers to stimulate discussion covering the challenges and opportunities of using the different emerging technologies and how this shall impact the educational and professional domains of architecture, building science and technology, environmental design, mobility, infrastructure, urban design & landscape, housing & real estate developments, urban planning, governance, socio-cultural & economic development, community engagement, tourism, and heritage conservation.

Join us at the 2nd International Conference of Architecture and Design to ​explore the potential of emerging technologies for architecture and design. Let's explore how to survive and thrive in this brave new digital world.​

Conference proceedings will be SCOPUS-INDEXED​​