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Student Clubs

​​​Student Life offers 26 Clubs University wide combining both University Clubs and Academic Clubs. Those clubs are under the supervision of the SG president. To ensure sustainability of the clubs, every year the leader of the club, the vice leader and the treasurer will be nominated while the clubs will stay the same. Leaders and members of clubs in alignment with the SG president plan, have the independence to use their creativity to make the club unique and distinguished with the projects innovated.

Clubs organizational structure

  • SG President
  • Club Leader
  1. Vice Leader
  2. Treasurer
  3. 25 Club Members​
University Clubs
1.       Publications
The club is formed to provide students interested in writing, illustrating, and design with an opportunity to bolster their skills and be a successful freelance writer or contributor to one of Effat publications, i.e. ETHOS and ECOB.
2.       Photography
The club enables students who are passionate about photography to develop their photography skills through organized workshops and field projects. It seeks to photograph the events organized by Effat and its different clubs. Activities may include:
·         Exhibitions
·         Competitions
·         Booklets that carry themes
3.       Technology
The club aims to raise the profile of Effat amongst the broader technology community and to support the development and ongoing success of Effat students in technology industries through organising events and speaker series. The technology institute is going to include a variety of different activities like online store, stock and magazine which will help the up-coming generation. The magazine will publish technology reports each month, speakers will be available in activity time and we have online store, and events like “My T-advisor and marketing event.
  • Let university students be updating with new technology.
  • Develop students’ technology management skills.
  • Learn how to use technology to simplify our works.
  • Starting technology production
4.       Culture
The club is about connecting people from different cultures and celebrating differences.
5.       Health and Fitness
The club seeks to enhance or maintain students' physical fitness and overall health through different types of sport, i.e. swimming, basketball and volleyball.
6.       Model UN
MUN strives to create a simulation of the United Nations. The participants role-play as diplomats representing a country in a simulated session of a committee of the UN, such as the Security Council, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.
7.       Reading Club
Develop the passion for reading. Read and discuss a book monthly.
8.       Art & Design
The club seeks to promote the fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture referred to as traditional and representational art. It can include items such as:
  • Music
  •  Anime
  • Calligraphy
9.       Debate
The club aims to enhance students' speaking skills and their ability to debate, persuade and win arguments through participating in different competitions.
10.   Sports Club
To activate the spirit of volunteering and community service. In addition, the club works on improvement of physical body energy.
11.   Environment
This club seeks to achieve a sustainable world and to protect the environment for the creature living in it. It aims to raise the awareness in Effat University about the actions that might affect the environment later on.
12.   Trips
The club arranges national and International trips within and outside the Kingdom for both educational, e.g. conferences and seminars, and recreational purposes, e.g. history of countries, traditions, and evolution.
13.   TEDx
The TEDx Effat Club functions to organize the annual TEDx Effat events that incorporate a range of disciples and focus on the “Power of ideas to change the world” beginning with the local community. It addresses various issues and interests in the society.
14.   Creative Writing
The purpose of this club is to provide a platform for the creative writers of Effat University and those who are interested to improve their creative writing skills. The club aims to encourage the students to explore and develop their skills in short stories, poetry and screenplays. The club will also organize events to display the creative writing skills of the student and inspire more students.
15.   Oswa
The purpose of this club is to discuss and promote charitable works for worthy causes and share good projects to help and bring happiness into the lives of the target audience. Community service is the ultimate goal of this club where it aims to serves individuals who are considered minorities in their societies and try to provide them with the support most needed.
16.   Google
Give an opportunity and more priority to Effat students in participating in any other Google’s programs.
Spread the awareness on the importance of technology, Digital Marketing and computer science in our daily life
17.   Creativity and Innovation
The club creates, innovates and bring new ideas that contributes to the development of the community and implement them. The aim of the club is to encourage students to think out of the box. Lead Architecture HUB event
18.   Toastmasters
An international organization that aims to strengthen the public speaking and leadership skills of the students
19.   OPIM
Educate people about OPIM, in creative practical ways. And market for the OPIM major, as a needed in the Saudi workforce market.
20.  Society of Petroleum Engineers Effat University Chapter (SPE EUC)
Society of petroleum Engineers chapter (SPE) in our university. This chapter will collect, broadcast and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources and related technologies for the public benefits. SPE is the largest individual member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professional worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.
21.   Tarbawyyat
This club mission is to put into action the Tarbawyyat Effat: Pillars of the Effat University Code of Ethical Conduct  in to action by having an awareness week each month

Academic Clubs
1.       English and Translation
The club is found to promote the academic curriculum of English Language and Translation department by organizing different meetings and activities mainly including:
·         Drama performance
·         Plays
·         Reading
·         Translation
2.       ARCH
The club is found to promote the academic curriculum of Architecture department by organizing different meetings and activities mainly including:
·         Green Architecture Event.
·         Exhibitions 
·         Lead Architecture HUB event
3.       PSY
The club is found to promote the academic curriculum of Psychology department by organizing different meetings and activities mainly including:
·         Speakers
·         Workshops
·         Trips
4.       EBSA
·         Effat Business Students Association is established with the purpose of taking initiatives to develop students, communities and institutions.
·         The mission of Effat Business Students Association is to achieve excellence in student experience in their journey to graduate. We want to provide the students with expert and information power so that they can become valuable members of the society.
·         Effat Business Students Association visualizes a world where the students contribute positively towards the growth and development of our economy, society and homes. We want to create a social fabric in the society that is distinctively active, prudent, farsighted, proactive and positive in its initiatives to development of all kinds; and yet stick to its moral, cultural, social and religious values.
5.       Media / VDP
The club works to promote the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are related to mass communication, i.e. social media and short films.
Students are exposed to different sections of media, i.e. journalism, photography and movies
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