Student Government
Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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Student Government

The Student Government (SG) represents the student body of Effat University in all matter.

It consists of the following officers:
  • President​
  • Vice President
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Communication Officer
  • Secretary

A handing-over ceremony is held to recognize the new Student Government after election.

Responsibilities of the Student Government are extensive and are discussed regularly with the Student Life Office and the Dean of Student Affairs.

Wherever possible the Student Government will include representatives from all four colleges of the University.

Election Process

Effat University students elect a President at the beginning of every Fall semester. The Vice President of the Student Government role is filled by the runner-up in the Presidential Election.

Both the President and the Vice President select their government members, who work for the duration of two semesters.

Terms of Service and Government Selection

  1. The President of the Student Government should be in good academic standing.
  2. The President of the Student Government should be voted for at the beginning of each academic year, after the campaign.
  3. The President should submit a letter of confi rmation with the names of the government members one week prior to the beginning of her term as President.
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