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BSc Human Resources Management Degree

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This program is not accepting students this semester ​
Key Fact
  • Program name
    BSc Human Resources Management Degree
  • Program code
  • Program Chair
    Dr. Zainah A. Qasem
  • Program length
    4 years
  • Credit hours

 About the Program


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources Management provides an in-depth study of the major concepts and tools in the theory and application of modern human resources techniques, with an emphasis in issues unique to the Middle East.

Strong HR Management is often at the core of a successful business. Throughout your BSc Human Resources (HR) degree at Effat University, you'll learn how to support both the company you work for and the people that drive it through training and development, performance appraisal and reward management, as well as learning how to handle other essential responsibilities like hiring and staffing.

We have developed the HR Management undergraduate degree program to not only prepare students for their first job, but also for a full career in HR to make significant contributions that will benefit their families, personal relationships and the wider society.

The Human Resources Management program successfully acquired AACSB accreditation in Fall 2021 for a period of five years.


The HR Management degree curriculum will develop your ability to think critically through project-based language learning, learn about social and moral values in Islam, and look at factors that can affect physical and environmental wellbeing in the workplace. Other modules will take a more statistical approach, making sure you're well-versed in mathematics, financial accounting, and economics and ensuring you're both confident and competent when it comes to undertaking your administrative duties.

You'll study principles of marketing and management and business communication that contribute to the seamless day-to-day running of a business, alongside the implementation of recruitment, training and development strategies. In your final year, you'll delve further into strategic management and leadership, and learn about social responsibility and how business can impact wider society.

Students who complete the programme will have a comprehensive knowledge of current research and future trends relating to Human Resources Management, and a thorough understanding of the concepts, models, frameworks and tools that will help you implement an effective internal structure and maximize efficiency.​

You'll also have developed the ability to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge and practical experience to identify problems and opportunities within the day-to-day running of the business.

Educational Objectives

Tailor-made to HR requirements, trends and forecasts, and with an emphasis on issues unique to the Middle East, our program covers a range of human resources management functions including hiring and staffing, training and development, performance appraisal and reward management. It also looks at compensation and benefits, payroll, HR information management and regulatory compliance.​​​

 Vision, mission, and Goals


The vision of HRM program is to contribute to the growth of digital transformation in HR management nationally and internationally, aiming to provide knowledge and skills for the coming generation of leaders in the HR field.


To create valuable HR professionals through data-driven education, business analytics and impactful research to meet the needs and challenges of the community at national and international level.


  1. Strengthen the HRM program reputation nationally and internationally through its impact and contribution to the prosperity of economy and society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Cultivate a dynamic and collaborative work environment through an effective and an inspiring leadership that promotes integrity, strong work ethics and transparency in managing all the department activities.
  3. To offer an exceptional teaching and learning experience through the creation of innovative business programs, interactive and project-based learning, development of analytical skills, professional certifications, and progressive research in the field. Moreover, emphasizing on the integration of state-of-the-art learning resources and cutting-edge technology in the program curriculum.
  4. Attract and retain diverse student body through a holistic learning and transformational experience, extensive skill development, and ongoing individual support.
  5. Maintain and enhance efforts to recruit, nurture, and retain diverse, highly qualified and committed faculty, researchers, and staff, supporting their professional development.       
  6. Optimize the use of facilities and equipment.
  7. Cultivate a research environment that supports faculty and students to produce high quality research in alignment with country's research priorities.       
  8. Enhance the partnership with the community and industry through mutual exchanges of expertise, novel contributions to the 2030 vision, and effectively engaging students, faculty, and alumnae in the service of society.

 Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of latest trends in the field of human resources management.

  • Describe the models, frameworks, and tools for understanding human resources management functions.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts, terms, and practices in Business field.


  • Analyse human resources and management related problems, using both quantitative or qualitative information and tools.

  • Critically evaluate human resources and management problems and recommend solutions.

  • Evaluate HR and management issues for strategic decision making in organizations.

  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal competencies.

  • Use professional and scholarly literature, research data and information resources to articulate their implications in the field of HRM.

  • Effective and creative use IT and managerial decision-support tools in analyzing, and reporting HRM / business information.​


  • Demonstrate personal, professional, and ethical competencies expected for good leadership.

  • Work independently as well as engage in life-long learning skills through teamwork to demonstrate project management skills.

  • Demonstrate ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.​​

 Career Opportunities

Upon the completion of your degree in Human Resources Management at Effat University, you'll understand how to motivate the people you work with and help them to see the best in themselves. You'll be driven by a desire to help others excel in their careers and have the natural ability to develop a strong rapport based on emotional understanding. Additionally, you'll be well-versed in health and safety protocol and be able to spot potential hazards.​​

These qualities are not just critical in HR Management; previous Human Resources Management graduates have also developed successful careers as Recruitment Consultants, Learning & Development Managers and Employee Safety & Wellness Executives.​

  • HR Manager/Executive/Officer
  • Recruitment Manager/Executive
  • Learning & Development Manager/Executive
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager/Executive
  • Strategic HR Consultant
  • HRIS manager/Executive
  • Employee Safety and Wellness Manager/Executive
  • Organizational Development Specialist
  • Industrial and Labor Relations Officer

 Graduation Requirements

  • General Education Requirements: 42 hours
  • Business Core Requirements (College of Business Requirements): 51 hours​
  • Major Requirements:​
    • Technical Required: 15 hours
    • Technical ​Electives​: 6 hours
  • Electives
    • Business Electives Required:6 hours
    • Free Elective Required​: 6 hours
  • Supervised Internship​: 3 hours
  • Research project: 3 hours

  • Total: 132 hours​​​​

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Contact Information
Program Chair
Tel.+966 122137824
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